A host of finance ministers, heads of regional and international financial institutions, and international bankers, who are interested in financing the climate issues, are expected to take part in the Finance Day, Maait said.

The Finance Day will tackle the issues of the "innovative financing" and "fair transformation financing", the role of the private sector in mobilizing financial resources and directing them to environmentally-friendly projects, the minister said during his tour in Sharm El Sheikh city.

On the sidelines of the "Finance Day", a meeting of the Alliance of Finance Ministers for Climate Action will be held. It includes representatives of 70 countries cooperating in strategies aimed at integrating climate considerations and issues into financial and economic policies, the minister said.

The minister further noted that the "Glasgow Financial Alliance for Zero Emissions", which includes a group of major private financing institutions working on transforming to the green economy, will organize events related to its activities during the "Finance Day"