EU: We work to alleviate tensions between Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia around GERD


Mon, 20 Jul 2020 - 01:11 GMT

Renaissance Dam - FILE

Renaissance Dam - FILE

CAIRO – 20 July 2020: The European Union (EU) said it is working on alleviating the tension between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) issue, reported Saudi TV Channel Al-Arabiya.


The European Union stressed the need to agree on the period of filling the GERD, and earlier, Commissioner for External Relations at the European Union Joseph Borrell praised South Africa’s efforts as chairing the African union in working to find a solution to the GERD issue.


The EU welcomed the call to hold a meeting regarding the issue in the coming days, stressing that it is a step that deserves the unanimous support of the international community, calling on the parties to work to see if they can reach a collective agreement.


For his part, Borrell explained that in case the parties reached an agreement, “we will encourage them to choose the reconciliation path, for it has great benefits in building confidence.”


This comes few days after Ethiopian media claimed that the country has started filling the $4 billion dam, quoting the water minister as saying that “the construction of the dam and the filling of the water go hand in hand,” Reuters reported.


Later on the same day, Ethiopia’s Water Minister Sileshi Bekele denied the media reports, saying to The Associated Press that heavy rains are the reason for what has been shown by satellite images as a swelling of the dam’s reservoir.








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