Libyan Armed Forces: Our battle against terrorism, Turkish colonial ambitions ‘still on’



Thu, 16 Jul 2020 - 06:33 GMT


Thu, 16 Jul 2020 - 06:33 GMT

Libyan Arab Armed Forces

Libyan Arab Armed Forces

CAIRO – 16 July 2020: The General Command of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces released a statement Thursday hailing the Libyan people for their sacrifices, and steadfastness and continuous support of the armed forces.


The statement ensured that the Libyan people supported the Libya Armed Forces in its successive statements, in which it announced adherence to its national principles, awareness, and absolute rejection of Turkey’s ambitions to expand to extend its influence over the country.


The statement further went on explaining Turkey’s “aggressive colonial motives” in the Arab region “to plunder our wealth, and address [Turkish] suffocating economic crises, in a blatant evocation of the will of the Libyan people, national sovereignty, after traitors opened the way for [Turkey] to capture our lands, desecrate our pure soil by direct military intervention and send mercenaries and terrorist fighters of different global terrorist organizations in a shameful deal.”


“We salute our heroic patriotic army for its valiant response to the brutal Turkish colonialism, and to make the greatest sacrifices in defense of the homeland and the Libyan dignity and capabilities,” read the statement.


The statement further praised other brother Arab countries “who realized the reality of the scene in Libya, and sensed the danger of terrorist and militia organizations, which control the capital Tripoli, and the so-called illegitimate presidential council, and understood the reality of the Turkish colonial ambitions and its plan to control the wealth of Libyans.”


Among the Arab countries the statement mentioned was Egypt, where the Armed Forces hailed its solidarity and keenness in Libya’s stability and security, praising President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s “historic, brave stance that represents the Arab nation’s stance not only Egypt.”


Other countries mentioned in the statement were United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Bahrain for their honorable stances, which reflect the strength of Arab solidarity in the face of terrorism.


“We salute the angry civil popular movement in Tunisia, which stands by the Libyan people side, and bravely confronts any suspicious move aimed at harming their Libyan brothers,” added the statement.


The statement also called on all Arab countries, peoples and governments – and neighboring countries and the rest of the world seeking peace, not to hesitate in supporting the Libyan national army in its fateful battle against terrorism.”


It concluded assuring that the battle against terrorism, mercenaries, and Turkish ambitions will not stop until the entire Libyan soil is liberated and national sovereignty achieved.



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