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Al-Jazeera presenter ridicules pilgrims in now-deleted tweet

Sun, Sep. 3, 2017
CAIRO – 3 September 2017: Al-Jazeera TV presenter Faisal al-Kasim insolently ridiculed the pilgrims performing the on-going Hajj rituals on his official Twitter account.

Kasim published a picture of pilgrims, captioning it with a Quranic verse that reads “You may think them a united whole, but their hearts are apart.”


Following the slew of criticism the tweet attracted, Kasim was forced to delete it later on.
Over the past period, Doha has tried to ruin the pilgrimage season by falsely disseminating false claims through Al-Jazeera that Saudi Arabia politicizes the Hajj.


Closing down Al-Jazeera was placed on the Arab list of 13-demands that was handed to Doha’s government by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain two days after their boycott of Doha over allegations of supporting terrorism.

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