How Haya Karima maximizes investment opportunities in rural villages


Tue, 06 Jul 2021 - 11:23 GMT

Haya Karima works in villages across Egypt - FILE

Haya Karima works in villages across Egypt - FILE

CAIRO – 6 July 2021: Egypt’s Haya Karima initiative works to change the living conditions of the countryside in the country over the next three years for the benefit of 4,500 villages.


Aiming to improve the quality of lives of more than 58 million citizens, the initiative adopts several mechanisms to support youth, provide job opportunities, strengthen investment opportunities in rural villages and revive traditional crafts.


In the below lines, et displays how the Economic Development and Job Opportunities Committee in the initiative works in different governorates:


-       Conducts studies on a population of each village, and percentages of age groups there.


-       Conducts studies that include investment opportunities available in each governorate.


-       Develops a plan to support the resources of each governorate, and maximizes the potential of each village.


-       Trains young men and women on many crafts and industries.


-       Provides training courses that enable the establishment of small projects and introduces marketing opportunities.


-       Pays periodic visits to villages and hold awareness seminars.


-       Encourages young people to take up entrepreneurship, and sets up small projects.


-       Holds trainings on crafts and industries required in each governorate.


-       Revives traditional crafts of each village according to its nature.


-       Facilitates the identification of investment opportunities in each village.



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