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Sat, 15 Dec 2018 - 10:22 GMT


Sat, 15 Dec 2018 - 10:22 GMT

Photgraphy courtesy Charlotte Tilbury

Photgraphy courtesy Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has had a busy November, creating the official NATURAL, FRESH, GLAMOUROUS look for the Victoria’s Secret Show 2018 and receiving an MBE from the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace for her contribution to the beauty and cosmetics industry over the past 26 years. In celebration of all things festive, we bring you Tilbury’s Victoria’s Secret Show 2018 look as our ‘Party Look’ for the season.

A Natural, Dreamy Goddess Look

Charlotte prepped the Angel’s skin with her Magic Skincare Trio for a healthy, lit-from-within glowing angel complexion. First, she used her secret to supermodel skin, Instant Magic Dry Sheet Facial Mask, for a glowing radiant looking complexion. The ingredients, including vitamin B3, crocus bulb extract, peptides, oils and butters, penetrate deep in to the skin to provide nourishing nutrients where skin needs it most.

Charlotte then applied Charlotte’s Magic Cream, an instant turnaround cream for the complexion that floods the skin with moisture and provides the most beautiful, glowing base for makeup. It is made up of oils and actives that feed the skin. Hyaluronic acid and peptides that give a plump-effect to the complexion, vitamin C and E that brighten and soothe the skin, and Frangipani and Aloe Vera. It’s Charlotte’s secret to the ultimate runway glow! The cream is applied to model’s skin using Charlotte’s famous Angel Wing Motion Magic Skin Massage to wake up the complexion.

Next, Charlotte gently tapped her Magic Eye Rescue to revitalize the eye area. Time releases retinol molecules in the formula resurface the skin around the eye, helping your eyes appear younger and more radiant with every passing hour.

The Secret to Flawless, Poreless Angel Skin

Charlotte applied her ultimate glow primer, Wonderglow, to the model’s skin. The primer is full of hyaluronic acid and has a genius fluorescent core that redirects light to more flattering angles of the face.

Charlotte buffed on her Light Wonder Foundation for a natural skin effect. Charlotte used a shade slightly warmer than their natural skin tone to give them a healthy glow. For any areas which needed a little extra coverage, Charlotte applied her best-selling Magic Away Concealer to conceal any redness or blemishes, brighten darkness, smooth fine lines and hide the appearance of pores.

Next, Charlotte applied her Hollywood Flawless Filter. With the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favorite digital filter, it soft-focuses and instantly illuminates the Angel’s complexions.

A Killer Contour and Ethereal Glow

Charlotte wanted every Angel to have a natural contour and ethereal glow under the runway’s lights. She used her Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette to sculpt the appearance of the face and carve out killer cheekbones, add warmth to the complexion with the most natural bronze tones, and give a celestial candlelight glow to the skin.

The glow was amplified using Charlotte’s ‘Diva Light’ Beauty Light Wand. The rose-gold highlighter gives a soft-focused glow to the cheekbones that beautifully plays with the light. To finish the complexion, Charlotte dusted her Airbrush Flawless Finish powder onto the T-area, soft focusing and blurring away any lines and imperfections to create a soft micro-fine cashmere veil to the complexion.

The Ultimate Natural Supermodel Brow and Exagger-Eyes Eye Filter

To reveal the shape of the brows, Charlotte brushed them up using her magical Brow Lift tool and then used the soft pencil to fill in any gaps using upward strokes. Charlotte used Victoria’s Secret Brow or Never Clear Eyebrow Gel to fix the perfect supermodel brows.

Charlotte curled the eyelashes for definition using her Life-Changing Lashes curler. For the ultimate Supermodel eye, Charlotte brought back her sell-out sensation Exagger-Eyes Luxury Palette. Part of Charlotte’s Beauty Filters collection, the palette makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter, just like an Instagram filter. Using a blender brush, Charlotte washed the enhance shade forwards and backwards across the eyelid like a windscreen wiper. The smoke shade was used along the lash line to add definition.

To enhance the Angel eye look, Charlotte used a second best-selling favorite: Eyes to Mesmerize in Rose Gold. Using a smudger brush, Charlotte applied the metallic rose gold shade underneath the lower lash line to make the eyes naturally pop. To elongate the eyes and create a seductive, sexy, lifted shape, Charlotte lined the eyes with an Angel Wing using her chocolaty powder pencil eyeliner in The Sofia. For extra richness and depth, Charlotte applied her Colour Chameleon pencil in Amber Haze along the lash line. To complete the Supermodel eye filter look, Charlotte used Victoria’s Secret Major Lash to give a dreamy Angel flutter in seconds!

Natural, Pillowy Lips

For the supermodel lips that everyone wants, Charlotte started by re-shaping the lips with her iconic Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk. The best-selling lip liner loved by celebrities, supermodels, beauty editors and influencers all over the world mimics the natural shade of your lips and gives you the most pillowy pout. She then applied Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream in Showstopper. A luscious Pillow-y pink matte that makes the lips look instantly fuller and wider. Charlotte applied Collagen lip bath for a natural, dewy veil of gloss on top of the Velvet Matte Cream.

Blush-bronze Like an Angel

To create the look of fresh, natural health for the complexion, Charlotte applied a combination of blush and bronze Beachsticks in Las Salinas and Ibiza. The soft, dreamy makeup sticks blend with the complexion for a natural looking, sun-kissed blush effect.

As the finishing touch, Charlotte applied her glossy Supermodel Body. The product created glossy-skinned perfection in minutes. She applied down the centre of the limbs using the cooling roll applicator, which makes the skin look and feel firmer, toned and supple, so every model could stride down the famous runway with the confidence of
an Angel.



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