Stunning Natural Hair Updos for Special Occasions


Thu, 14 Feb 2019 - 09:57 GMT

Stunning Natural Hair Updos for Special Occasions

Stunning Natural Hair Updos for Special Occasions

It’s that time of the year where the temperature is changing and Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner! You’ve started to think about those holiday new dress ideas and how you will style your hair. Think no more and read on for some special occasion natural hair updos.

Inspiration has no end! Photographer Malak Abaza wore her hair naturally not only to one special occasion, but to most of them, and she couldn’t be happier! Abaza usually styles her hair in a beautiful messy bun to suit her floral dresses.

Going to a special occasion with your hair done naturally is one thing, nailing that occasion with your hair in the transitional phase is another! Even though she is still in the transitional phase, Shorouk took a brave step and decided to flaunt her natural hair on a special occasion. “I finally gathered enough courage and confidence and wore my natural hair to an engagement party. I ended up encouraging all the ladies attending to give themselves a break from the heat (and all other damaging hair routines) and enjoy being their authentic, beautiful selves,” she says.

From one special occasion to another, Yara Azmy styles her natural hair in an elegant updo and always looks absolutely stunning! For this style, she only used flexi rods and flaxseed gel, and left it in overnight.

Another motivating example is Summer, who challenged her entire family so she could wear her hair naturally on her wedding day. Not only did she challenge social norms and her own family, but she also inspired us to believe in the power and beauty of natural hair. This style was beautifully made by The Hair Addict’s Yara Abdeen.

Girl power is real! Laila Fahmy and her sister, Amira, rocked their natural hair at an event. Their top tip for the look: Wear a high necked shirt to complement and accentuate your up-dos.

Get inspired by these natural updos and try them out yourself this holiday season. Hats off to every woman out there who celebrates her natural beauty!

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