How to combine rustic charm with warm shades and dazzling gold highlights—and impress with the perfect home décor this holiday season. How to combine rustic charm with warm shades and dazzling gold highlights—and impress with the perfect home décor this holiday season.

That Christmas feeling

Sun, Dec. 9, 2018
The holiday season is all about togetherness, gathering friends and family to relax and celebrate. A warm and inviting setting for the holiday celebrations is key, and this year, H&M Home provides interior inspiration with two different styles: one is cozy and rustic inspired by the winter landscape with winter greens and animal prints, while the other is all about elegance with its golden colors and luxurious materials.

“I’m so excited for the holiday season to start, and I’m so looking forward to see how our customers include our products in their celebrations,” says Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, Head of Design at H&M Home. “In many homes, treasured items form part of the traditions and it’s a wonderful thought that perhaps our cheerful fox mug will become part of someone’s childhood memories one day!”

Bring that winter wonderland atmosphere inside with winter white chunky textiles; prints inspired by the flora and fauna of a wintry forest with deers and pine branches; and natural materials such as linen, jute and wood. Along with traditional patterns such as stripes and checks, fake fur and fresh modern reds create a traditional yet contemporary setting to the holiday celebrations. “For those who prefer a more glamorous setting to the celebrations, we were influenced by the elegance of an urban holiday.” Luxury is key to this look, dominated by golden and amber hues along with materials such as fake fur, velvet, brass and bronze.

With the living and dining rooms being the main focal points of any Christmas gathering, this season’s trends will help families personalize their own style. “Customers are more interested in modern, inspiring home decor. There’s a great deal of interest in personal lifestyle living. It’s about living, eating and travelling. We can see that the importance of expressing yourself and your personality isn’t just a matter of how you look—you and your home are a very important part of this concept,” Söderberg explains.

The designer herself finds inspiration in being curious. “I love art and books. I love to explore other artists and designers. Travel is probably our major source of inspiration, along with meeting people from different cultures,” she has been quoted as saying. “I watch and observe different surroundings. . . . The more digital we become, the more we’ll need tactility. When we live in an environment where we’re always connected, we’ll need the contrast of touching and feeling—and that will become apparent from our design. Nature is a source of inspiration that’s still very strong, so we’ll see even more natural materials like wood and ceramics. A sense of comfort and luxury is also something that we’ll be exploring through quality and detail in our forthcoming collections.”

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