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Sat, 01 Apr 2017 - 10:49 GMT


Sat, 01 Apr 2017 - 10:49 GMT

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Five Egyptian food bloggers talk about everyday inspirations, their favorite dishes and trends to keep an eye on.

by Anna Bernsen


Matters of the Belly by Noha Serageldin

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Noha Serageldin is a hungry Egyptian living in Sydney, Australia. She inherited her love for food from her parents, who are both incredible cooks. On her blog Serageldin shares her mouthwatering recipes, beautiful photography and stories about living in Australia. Her cooking is inspired by the Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern and, of course, the traditional Egyptian kitchen.


What inspires you?

“Everything! I am extremely influenced by my surroundings, so everything from the weather, my location, what food is in season, food I’ve seen online or on TV or simply walking through my grocery store all inspire me and give me ideas on what I want to make or eat next.”


What’s your favorite food right now?

“I am currently craving loads of Egyptian food. I think this always happens when I am feeling homesick, or when I get bored of my regular repertoire of simple meals . . . I always go back to Egyptian comfort food.”

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What needs to change?

“I am not a fan of trends in general, so I’ll tell you what I WISH to see; a return to moderation, common sense, variety and enjoyment, and the end of extreme diets and demonizing entire food groups.”


Follow Noha Serageldin at / @mattersofthebelly


Kitchen Keys by Sara El Refaie

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Sara El Refaie fell in love with cooking at first try. Even though her initial attempts at making lasagna failed miserably, she did not give up, and today El Refaie develops her own recipes which she de-scribes as comfort food. On her blog you will find lots of classic Egyptian recipes, pasta dishes, and desserts.


What inspires your cooking?

“I get my inspiration from many sources but mainly from my “field trips.” I love visiting big, local vegetable markets to see what’s in season, because I love working with fresh produce. I spend hours in supermarkets just looking at new products and figuring out how I can make the best use of them. I love going to the attar (spices store) because I believe spices are what bring any recipe to life, so I always try new kinds and create my own mixes.”


What recipe are you experimenting with these days?

“Actually, it’s not just one recipe; it’s a whole cuisine. My favorite cuisine at the moment is Chinese because I’m starting to know my way around it, so these days I’m developing many recipes. Besides, it’s a very healthy cuisine so I’m making delicious food that is still good to my body!”

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And the trend is toward healthy food . . .

“I thought people were moving to-ward a “healthy” trend with all the new gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free products, but that’s actually a big fat NO. People are moving to-ward a more “balanced diet.“ They want light, healthy recipes but at the same time want to reward them-selves with mac ’n’ cheese, chocolates and desserts.”


Follow Sara El Refaie at / @kitchen_keys


Serious Foods by Amira Saad

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Amira Saad’s blog is all about color. After studying management in London, Saad decided to change direction completely and took a course in food and product photography at London School of Photography. Today she offers menu design solutions, and food styling and photography services.


How do you put your recipes together?

“I usually find inspiration in the simple things; seasonal ingredients, simple walks in grocery stores or maybe an Instagram post from another blogger. I see this ingredient and I build a meal over it.”


What is your favorite dish at the moment?

“My favorite recipe these days is my Hummus and Zabady Fatta. It’s healthy, doesn’t take much time to be prepared, and has a lot of variations. You can add rice (whether short grain or brown), you can add chicken or beef to it, you can make it with low-fat yogurt instead of full fat, or you can just keep it as a side dish with baked pita bread, hummus and yogurt. This recipe is a lifesaver for midweek meals or gatherings, and most importantly, it will always impress your guests!”

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What food trends are catching on today?

“I believe we’ll be seeing more healthy food and less junk food, reusing leftovers and less waste and finally cooking amazing, hearty meals while spending less time in the kitchen.”


Follow Amira Saad at / @seriousfoodseg


Omar’s Food Blog by Omar Shabrawy

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Omar Shabrawy is a self-proclaimed “foodie at heart.” Cooking played a big part in Shabrawy’s upbringing, but it wasn’t until four years ago that he really started experimenting in the kitchen himself. Working in advertising, being a passionate photographer, and running the blog, Shabraawy is creative every day. His blog is full of delicious breakfast plates, and he seems to have an endless supply of recipe ideas involving eggs.


Where do you find inspiration for your next meal?

“It usually starts with an ingredient, like I would be craving eggplants or sweet potatoes and start thinking of ideas from there. I also follow a lot of other food bloggers around the world, which definitely inspires me to try out new things I wouldn’t normally consider.”


What is your favorite dish or recipe right now?

“I’m really into baked breakfasts at the moment. I’ve been experimenting with baking eggs with all sorts of ingredients in muffin trays and pie tin plates, like frittatas and break-fast cups. It’s not as messy or heavy as mixing the ingredients in a sauce-pan, and I like how I can actually taste the flavors from all the ingredients without the addition of any oil or butter, which I would need to add if I was cooking them in a saucepan. Also, it looks prettier.”

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What food trends do think we’ll see in 2017?

“A lot of Nikkei (Peruvian-Japanese fusion) restaurants opened last year, so I think there’s competition in that trend at the moment. I think we’ll probably be seeing more of that. And desserts.”


Follow Omar Shabrawy at / @omarsfood


Mido Eats by Mido Barsoum

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Mido grew up in a home where cooking was not a priority, so when he first tried homemade Japanese food at friend’s place, he was blown away. Since then, Mido has not stopped experimenting in the kitchen, and in 2014 decided to begin documenting his experiments on his blog. On Mido Eats he shares his restaurant outings, food reviews, and the occasional recipe.


What do you look for in a meal?

“I’m always looking for something that pushes the boundaries of creative cooking. Innovative fusion combinations compel me to try them and blog about my experience. Inspiring food establishments are hard to come by in Egypt, but I have found the most cutting-edge dishes to be in hotels rather than restaurants.”


What’s your favorite dish and restaurant?

“I’ve been ordering the same thing every time I go to The Tap (East). 'One Salmon Teriyaki, please!' The preparation of the salmon is perfect. The accompanying mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables are beautifully presented. A few pops of sun-dried cherry tomatoes add just the right acidity and sweetness to enhance the flavor of the fish. The sauce and other ingredients in this dish are sometimes a bit over seasoned but I have had a pretty consistent experience apart from that. Consistency is the secret ingredient here!”

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What do restaurants need to do?

“Hopefully we’ll get to see more interesting fusion cuisines and fine dining culinary arts in 2017. The fried, cream-cheese-filled monstrosities smothered in teriyaki and mayonnaise need to go off the 'sushi' menus and go in the fast-junk-food category. It all depends on the consumers’ taste. We need to educate the eaters and elevate the preference of their palates in order to see better food in the years to come.”


Follow Mido on / @midoeats



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