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Fri, 01 Jul 2022 - 10:03 GMT


Fri, 01 Jul 2022 - 10:03 GMT

File: Ramadan series.

File: Ramadan series.


The annual mosalsalat marathon has begun. What are you watching this Ramadan?

1-Dayman Amer

Mostafa Shaban presents a new social comedy blend with Dayman Amer, in which he plays the role of a social worker at a school. The series highlights recent problems in education in Egypt and tries to discuss solutions to the crises of teachers, parents and students. The series houses a notable cast including Lebleba, Amr Abdelgelil, Salah Abdallah, Myrna Noureldin, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Tharwat, Ahmed El Shamy and Cynthia Khalifie.

Dayman Amer is written by Magdy El Hawary and Ahmed Abdel Fattah, produced by Kamel Abou Aly and directed by Magdy El Hawary. The series screens on ON and Al Hayat channels in addition to WATCH IT.

2- Ra’geen Ya Hawa (We Are Back Love) 

Who said that creative artists die? They never die because they will continue to live on through their art. The proof of this is that late renowned scriptwriter Osama Anwar Okasha is participating in the Ramadan drama marathon with Ra’geen Ya Hawa, 12 years after his death.

Ra’geen Ya Hawa’s plot was penned by Okasha, while the script and the dialogue were written by Mohamed Soliman. After being heavily in debt, Baligh Abou El Hana (Khaled El Nabawy) decided to leave Europe and return to Egypt to regain his share in his family inheritance, but his mission soon turns into an attempt to reconcile with his family and bring them together again. Baligh finds himself falling in love with doctor Maggie (Nour) and at the same time will meet again his ex, Farida (Hana Shiha).

The star-studded cast also brings together Anoushka, Wafaa Amer, Ahmed Bedeir, Nour Khaled El Nabawy, Islam Ibrahim and Salma Abou Deif, among others.

The series is produced by Tamer Mortada and directed by Mohamed Salama. Catch it on DMC and CBC channels in addition to WATCH IT.

3-Gezeiret Ghamam (Ghamam Island)


This series stars a notable group of celebrities including Tarek Lotfy, Mai Ezz Eldin, Ahmed Amin and Fathy Abd El-Wahab among others. The setting is a virtual island called “Ghamam” which resembles the Egyptian city of Qusseir around 100 years ago. The events of the series take place in a social context in Upper Egypt where the lives of the residents of Ghamam Island are turned upside down when a mysterious group of strangers arrive on their island.

A Synergy production, the series is directed by Hussein El Manabawy, written by Abd El Rahim Kamal, and airs on Al Hayat channel as well as WATCH IT.


4-El Meshwar (The Journey) 

This series brings together the two popular Ramadan stars Mohamed Ramadan and Dina El Sherbiny. The events of the soap revolve around the married couple Maher (Mohamed Ramadan) and Ward (Dina El Sherbiny) who work as temporary day workers in Max Company in Alexandria. They live with their son Rahim in the house of Maher’s aunts. Events unfold as the couple face difficulties in dealing with their hard work. The show also tackles issues including antiquities smuggling and gang culture.

El Meshwar is written by Mohamed Farid, directed by Mohamed Yassin and produced by Saadi-Gohar production company. The series will be screened on DMC and WATCH IT.


5-Malaf Serry 

(Secret File)


Hany Salama presents a completely new and different character in Malaf Serry (Secret File), playing Judge Yehia Ezz El-Din who is assigned to issue his sentence in the case of a wealthy family named El Malky who were accused of corruption, but his desire for justice will send him on a dangerous adventure.

Starring alongside Salama are Maged El Masry, Mohsen Mohy El Din, Merihan Hussein, Aicha Ben Ahmed and Nedal El Shafie. The series is written by Mahmoud Haggag, produced by Fenoon Masr production company and directed by Hassan El Balasy. 

Malaf Serry airs on CBC, DMC, Al Hayat and El Mehwar channels in addition to WATCH IT digital platform.


6-El Kebeer Awi 6 

Season six of the highly popular series El Kebeer Awi airs exclusively on ON channel and Watch IT during Ramadan 2022. The adventures and stories of the three hilarious brothers El Kebeer, Johnny and Hazaloum continue to amuse us in season six.

El Kebeer, Johnny and Hazaloum appear together again after six years of hiatus since the release of season five in 2015 and in this season we see how El Kbeer is raising his children, El Etra and Johnny, after he decides to marry a woman to take care of them. Continuing his search for a profitable job, Johnny starts shooting videos on social media for the villagers of El Mazarita. The third brother, Hazaloum will continue to be a funny trouble maker.

The season stars Ahmed Mekky, hilarious newcomer Rahma Ahmed, Mohamed Salam, Bayoumy Fouad, Hisham Ismail, Sama Ibrahim, and Mohamed Otaka, in addition to a wide range of guests of honor who will appear in every two episodes. El Kebeer Awi season 6 is written by Mostafa Saker, directed by Ahmed El Gendy and produced by Synergy.


7-Suits Arabia

This Ramadan sees the release of the Egyptian version of the popular American crime drama series Suits, which  tackles issues pertaining to influential men and the dirty business of law. The plot revolves around a man who failed to receive his bachelor degree in law but managed to land a job as an associate with one of New York’s top lawyers while keeping his lack of degree a secret.

Nine seasons of Suits have been released so far and it garnered positive reviews by critics and audiences all over the world. The Egyptian version stars Asser Yassin, Ahmed Dawoud, Saba Mubarak, Tara Emad, Reem Moustafa and Mohamed Shahin. 

The series is produced by Tarek El Ganainy and directed by Khaled Marei. Catch it on CBC, OSN and WATCH IT.




Riham Haggag competes in the Ramadan drama marathon this year with U-Turn which will see the comeback of veteran actor Tawfik Abdel Hamid after a long hiatus. The series discusses the relationship between fathers and their children and houses other drama lines.

Alongside Haggag and Abdel Hamid the drama stars Abeer Sabry, Karim Kassem, Mohamed Kilany, Safaa Eltoukhy and Hisham Ashour, among others. U-Turn is written by Ayman Salama, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and produced by El Adl Group.


9-Fe Baitna Robot (We Have A Robot in Our House) II

After the success of part one, the makers of Fe Baitna Robot decided to release part two in Ramadan 2022. The events of the second part of the series continue to follow the funny stories of the two robots Laziz (Amr Wahab) and Zoomba (Shaimaa Seif) who were made by Youssef (Hisham Gamal).

In this series Youssef and Sarah (Laila Zaher) are expecting their first child, and events begin to escalate due to the couple’s suffering from family problems during pregnancy. Part two also introduces a new character who owns a competing company and a powerful robot named Mateen, and many competitions are held between them to determine the best robot throughout the episodes.

The second installment stars Hisham Gamal, Laila Zaher, Shaimaa Seif, Amr Wahba among others. The series is written by Amr Wahba, directed by Osama Orabi and produced by Roznama. The series airs on Al Hayat channel and WATCH IT.


10- Betloe El Rouh

Since the release of its poster, Betloe El Rouh has stirred wide controversy.

After her husband deceived her and smuggled her into anISIS den in Syria, Rouh (Menna Shalaby) tries to escape only to end up in a camp for escapees from ISIS and returning to Egypt becomes a distant dream.

The series houses a notable group of stars including Menna Shalaby, Elham Shahine, Ahmed El Saadany, Mohamed Hatem among others. The series is written by Mohamed Abeya, directed by Kamla Abo Zekri and airs on MBC Masr.



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