Participants Call Mohareb Boot Camp 'Life-Changing'



Sun, 27 Nov 2016 - 04:46 GMT


Sun, 27 Nov 2016 - 04:46 GMT

Mentarcise, a certified group of life coaches, promise to detox your life of the habits bringing you down and make you a better person. At their Mohareb boot camp in Ras Sudr last month, participants have called the experience life-changing.

by Ahmed Mansour

Do you fear change, or overthink? Do you live in the past? Afraid to step outside your comfort zone? Or maybe you have problems with focusing, or wasting time? Mentarcise is here to help.

The group of certified life coaches aims to create a mindset that is conducive to achieving life goals and improving quality of life by creating the right atmosphere where clients can overcome their fears and obstacles through tailored mental exercises, games, and heart-to-heart conversations.


Last month, we were invited to attend an inspirational Mohareb boot camp in Ras Sudr, at which Mentarcise promised us we would learn how to flush out the seven toxic habits of our modern world: fear of change, living in the past, overthinking, getting out of the comfort zone, pleasing everyone, loss of focus, and wasting time.

“This is not a relaxation camp,” the organizers warned. “Mohareb is designed to push you to a whole new level of possibilities — and it can’t be done in three days without getting uncomfortable. Expect that you will have less time to sleep, eat and relax than your normal.”

We arrived in Ras Sudr wary not only of the grueling itinerary (walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones as well as simulation activities designed to help people let go of fears and boost the quality of their life), but also of the promise that any of it will actually work.


And we weren’t alone. “At first I wasn’t really comfortable with what was going on,” says participant Islam Keshta, a 28-year-old entrepreneur who manages a marketing agency. “I have my doubts about how the life coaches will be able to help me overcome my toxic habits, which have been getting worse ever since I was a child, in just three days.” At the end of the camp Keshta was a changed man, the experience having helped him see life with a fresh set of eyes. “I was surprised and I really recommend it to all the people who wish to be happier and more pleased with themselves.”

Mohareb’s tailored exercises are specifically designed to tackle toxic habits in a way that requires clients to imagine their life’s problems and manage to grow the courage and the wisdom to overcome them. For example, two of the most effective exercises at the boot camp were walking on glass and walking on fire. “I was really afraid when I was told that I would have to walk on glass or on fire, I feared getting cut or getting burned, but the thing that made me do it, and simply turn around and do it again, is that I really imagined that I had my hopes and dreams waiting for me on the other side, and I just had to suffer and take in the pain, to get what I always wanted to get. I felt invincible,” says Mohamed Osama Madkour, a 26-year-old engineer.


Mentarcise prides itself as the only training provider in Egypt certified by TRACCERT Canada, a global training accreditation and certification organization, and they are confident of Mohareb’s success. “When it comes to measuring the success and accomplishments of the boot camp, I’d like to leave it for the attendees to judge,” says Mohamed Moamen, Mentarcise co-founder and lead life coach of Mohareb Camp.” He says 96 percent of participants walked away feeling that Mohareb made a huge difference and that it was a turning point in their lives. Some 71 percent said this was the best experience they ever lived. "We work real hard and the feedback is amazing … This camp exceeded my expectations. We enjoyed those three nights very much and I would go as far as saying that they were the most powerful and inspirational three days of my life.”

The program brought together some 50 participants, each with their own emotional stories that inspired the life coaches themselves. “A heart surgeon, Amr Ismail, who attended only because he wanted to accompany his sister and had no personal interest in being there, said by the end of the boot camp that he was amazed by what happened in Mohareb and that he’s going to change the subject of his PhD, which he’s currently working on, to achieve his dream,” said Moamen. “Another impressive story was about a woman who had a lot of trouble getting over her ex-husband who really hurt her, to the extent that she couldn’t see any future for herself. She was stuck in the past — even though everything she’s been through happened many years ago, she couldn’t move forward with her life. By the end of the boot camp she said she felt like she was reborn.”

Lobna Shaaban, a 28-year-old who had lost her fiancée a few months before their wedding, shared her own stirring story at the camp. “My counseling psychologist has been working with me for the past five months, ever since Seif, my fiancée passed away. He’s always been helpful when it came to moving on and accepting loss. He always encouraged me to find something that is meaningful and that would help nourish my soul, and Mohareb was just that,” says Shaaban. “For the first time ever since the incident, I got completely distracted with focusing on myself and during the boot camp I got to set goals for myself that would help me not dwell on the past and just simply move forward with my life. The walking on fire exercise was the perfect metaphor of Seif’s death. It sure is painful, but like all painful events in our lives, they will pass. I got to the other side stronger and more proud of myself. The boot camp is a life-changer.”

Mentarcise also provide training courses for aspiring life coaches. Also available are wellness sessions including yoga, corporate events and coaching programs. For more on Mentarcise visit them at • Tel: 01010000815 • 4B El Nozha St., Heliopolis •



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