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Tue, 17 Sep 2013 - 01:43 GMT

Egypt Today remembers those who lost their lives in the January 25 Revolution
While the protests in Egypt were mostly peaceful, violent clashes claimed the lives of hundreds of Egyptians. Human Rights Watch (HRW) estimates the death toll is at least 302 — 232 confirmed in Cairo, 52 in Alexandria and 18 in Suez. This list, accurate as of February 22, compiles data from HRW; the Front to Defend Egypt Protesters, an group of lawyers and activists; and a user-generated list on the memorial website All three sources verify the information from Egyptian morgues and family and friends. At press time, there were at least 12 unidentified bodies and two people identified by only first name on these lists. Egypt Today joins the nation in extending deepest condolences to every person who lost loved ones during this time.A. Fattah Ahmed Ali Abanoub Awad-Allah Naeem Abdel Alim Hussein Abdel Alim Abdel Azem Fathi Abdel Azem Fares Abdel Karim Muhamed Ragab Abdel Sattar Abdel Samia Abdel Sattar Abdo Saleh Abdou Abdel-Moneim Jaafar Abdul Karim Ramadan Abdul Rahman Kamal Adel Saleh Mohamed Adel Youssef Hussein Ahmad Kamal Ahmad Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Abdel Latif Ahmed Ahmed Abdel Rehim Ahmed Ahab Abbas Ahmed Al-Fakahany Ahmed Al-Lawindy Ahmed Amer Mahmoud Ahmed Ammar Ahmed Awad Al-Sayed Mustafa Mahmoud Ahmed Bassiouni Ahmed Fawzy Ali Ahmed Hashim Al-Sayyed Ahmed Helal Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Kamal
Ahmed Khalifa
Ahmed Magdy Hassanein
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa Thabet
Ahmed Muhamed Muhamed
Ahmed Muhamed Saleh
Ahmed Salem Mahmoud Abdel Mayssar 
Ahmed Samir Al-Sayyed
Ahmed Samir Ibrahim Hamad
Ahmed Samir Shehata
Ahmed Zain Al Abedien
Al Sayed Mohamed Raid Abdel Hakim
Ali Gawdat Hasan
Ali Gouda Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan Ali Mahran
Ali Hussien Taha
Amir Magdy Abdo Al-Ahwal
Amira Muhamed Ismail
Amira Samir Shehata
Amr Al-Essawy
Amr Gharib
Amr Hamed
Amr Muhamed Al-Sayyid
Amr Sayyid Ali Muhamed
Anwar Fathy
Ashraf Nour El-Din Mohamed Abdel Razek
Attia Ahmed Al-Sakka 
Ayman Adel Hassanein
Ayman Ali
Badr Sha’ban Sayyid
Christine Seela
Emad Ali El-Haddad
Eslam Essam Mohamed
Eslam Metwally Muhamed
Eslam Mohamed Mohamed Yonunis
Eslam Ra’fat 
Eslam Rashad
Essam Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Khallaf
Fathy Abdel Ghani Muhamed
Gerges Lamey Mousa
Ghareeb Abdel Aal
Ghareeb El-Sayed
Gharib Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Lateef
Haitham Hemeda Ahmed
Hamada Labib
Hamdy Adel Aty Abdel Magid Kassem
Hani Muhamed Imam Ahmed
Hassan Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud
Hassanein Ibrahim Hassanein
Hassanein Ibrahim Hassanein
Hassanein Khallaf Allah 
Hossam Ahmed El Gendy
Hossam Mohamed
Hossam Sayed Metwally 
Hossam Sayyid
Hussein Gomaa Hussein
Hussein Taha Hussein
Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel Sattar
Ibrahim Mostafa Ibrahim
Ibrahim Samir Saadon
Ibrahim Sobhy Abdel Samad
Ihab Muhammady
Islam Ahmed Abdou
Islam Bakir
Islam Mohamed El Said Abdel Sallam
Islam Mustafa
Islam Refaat Mahmoud
Ismail Mohamed Abou El Dahab
Karim Ahmed Ragab
Karim Medhat Tunsi
Karim Mohamed Ali Al Banna
Karim Mohamed Mohamed El Fikki
Khaled Atiyya Shehata
Khaled Gamal Abdel Nasser
Khaled Mohamed Abdel Ader
Khaled Muhamed Fathy
Khalid Muhamed Ahmed
Khalid Muhamed Al-Sayed
Labib Ibrahim Abdel Hameed
Liza Mohamed Hasan
Lutfy Azzam Lufy Abdel Latif
Mabrook Abdel Wahab Abdel Naby
Magdy Muhamed Hassan
Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud
Mahmoud Al-Batran
Mahmoud Amin
Mahmoud Hasan Ramadan Elbakly
Mahmoud Helmy Mahmoud Radwan
Mahmoud Ibrahim Khafaga
Mahmoud Ismail Abdel Karim
Mahmoud Maher
Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Karim
Mahmoud Nasr Mohamed Ahmed
Mahmoud Said Hedya
Mahmoud Shaaban Abdel Salam
Mamdouh Omar Abed Rabbo Bakhit 
Mamdouh Saber Abdo Seddiq
Mansour Abd El Latif
Mariam Makram Nazier
Medhat Tahar
Mina Naggy
Moaz Al-Sayed Muhamed Kamal
Mohamed Abd El Tawab Saleh
Mohamed Abd Ela’al Ahmed
Mohamed Abdel Fattah
Mohamed Abdel Rahim Ibrahim
Mohamed Abdel-Monem Hussien
Mohamed Abo Bakr
Mohamed Ali Eid Abdel Megeed
Mohamed Amin
Mohamed Atef
Mohamed Ebrahim
Mohamed Hashem Ali
Mohamed Hassanein Anwar Mohamed
Mohamed Hussein Rihan
Mohamed Ibrahim Darofeeq
Mohamed Kamal Muhamed Yousef
Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Emam
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud El-Menshawy
badr Sha’ban Sayyid
Mohamed Mamdouh Said Mansour
Mohamed Metwaly
Mohamed Mostafa Abdo Ali El Sayed
Mohamed Mostafa Abdo Aly el Said Soliman
Mohamed Nasr 
Mohamed Othman Abd Raboh
Mohamed Saber El Sayed Hamada
Mohamed Saiid Rabie
Mohamed Sayed Mohamed El Sakka
Mohamed Shabaan
Mohamed Zaky Ahmed
Mohammed Ashour Sorour
Mohammed Farouk Hassan
Mohammed Hassan Belal
Mohammed Hossam El Din
Mohammed Sayed Abdul Latif
Mohammed Tamimi
Mostafa Abouzeid
Mostafa Al-Sawy
Mostafa Al-Wardany
Mostafa Fahmy Zayed
Mostafa Ibrahim Mostafa
Mostafa Mahmoud
Mostafa Mahmoud Ismail
Mostafa Omar Mohamed
Mostafa Ragab Abdel Fattah
Mostafa Samir Al-Sawy
Muhamed Abbas Hamza Al-Batran
Muhamed Abdel Hamid Abdel Hady
Muhamed Abdel-Latif Muhamed Khafagy
Muhamed Ahmed Gamal Al-Deen
Muhamed Al-Bora’y Al-Sheemy Al-Sayed
Muhamed Al-Sayyid Ali Awwad
Muhamed Ali Hussein Hammad
Muhamed Emad Hussien
Muhamed Farag
Muhamed Gamal Salim
Muhamed Ibrahim Al-Dosoky Mustafa Al-Kholy
Muhamed Kamel Abdel-Satar Nassar
Muhamed Mabrook
Muhamed Mahrous
Muhamed Metwally Awad
Muhamed Metwally Awwad
Muhamed Mohy
Muhamed Niazy Shaaban
Muhamed Othman
Muhamed Rashed
Muhamed Refaat Saeed
Muhamed Saad Ibrahim Ibrahim
Muhamed Salah Sadeq
Muhamed Sha’lan Muhamed
Muhamed Shaaban
Muhamed Shaban Riyadh ‘Askar
Muhamed Sherif
Muhammad Yassin
Muhammed Ehab Al-Naggar
Mustafa Abu-Zaid
Mustafa El-Sawi
Mustafa Kamel Ibrahim 
Mustafa Mahmoud Abdul-Fattah
Mustafa Mohamed El-Wardany
Nasr Mahroos
Nasreldin Sayyid Oweiss
Nasser Faisal Ali
Nijat Gojayev
Nour Ali Nour El Din
Nour Mohamed Nour
Omar Sayid Ali Mohamed 
Osama Ahmed Muhamed
Raed Fathi Mohamed Abdel Fattah
Ragab Gaber Saeed
Rahma Mohsen Ahmed Khodier
Rami Gamal Abozeed
Ramy Gamal Shafeeq
Ramy Sayyid Hamza
Rasha Ahmed Genedy
Saad Muhamed Ahmed
Saber Fahmy Abol Ma’aty
Saif-Allah Mustafa Musa
Saiid Abd El All
Sally Magdy Zahran
Sameh Abdel Fattah Mohamed
Sameh Ali Gamal Afa-Allah
Samir Mohamed Mahmoud
Samy Salah
Sayed Farag Masoud
Sayyid Fawzi Al-Sayid Moussa
Shady Ramadan Muhamed
Shahab Hassan Shehab
Shaimaa Al Basha
Shehab Hosny Abdou
Sherif Hammad
Sherif Radwan 
Sherif Shehat Sayyid
Sobhy Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Bahrawy
Sulaiman Saber Ali Muhammadein 
Tarek Magdy Mustafa Alayas
Tarek Mahmoud Bo-Khatra
Tarek Mohamad Ammer
Tarek Ossama Nour
Tawfiq Mohamed Tawfiq
Wael Saad
Yasser Fotouh Al-Essawy
Yasser Rahina
Yasser Shoieb
Yehia Al-Gazar
Youssef Anwar El Mekkawy
— Compiled by Rehaam Romero 



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