Egypt receives 1st FREMM Bergamini frigate dubbed 'Al Galala'


Thu, 31 Dec 2020 - 12:58 GMT

Egypt receives 1st FREMM Bergamini frigate dubbed 'Al Galala' – Press photo

Egypt receives 1st FREMM Bergamini frigate dubbed 'Al Galala' – Press photo

CAIRO – 31 December 2020: The spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces announced Thursday that Egypt's first FREMM Bergamini frigate arrived at Alexandria's naval base.



The frigate – dubbed Al Galala - is one of two Egypt purchased from the Italian company Fincantieri, and can sail for 6,000 sea miles. The crew was trained within a program that was carried out in both Italy and Egypt.  



"(The frigate) has several technical features and modern armament systems that enable it to achieve all combat missions during peace and war. As such, it is a huge technical addition to the capabilities of the naval forces and a support to its ability in securing borders, shipping lines, natural resources in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and backing land forces along the coast while accomplishing attack and defense missions," the statement reads.


Commander of the Egyptian Naval Force Ahmed Khaled stated in the ceremony held on the occasion of the frigate's arrival that the General Command of the Egyptian Armed Forces is eager to accomplish a strategy aimed at developing and modernizing the Egyptian naval fleet. The commander added that the frigate would also help in securing the Suez Canal given the hostilities and challenges engulfing the region.


General Khaled pointed out that the political leadership is keen on preserving the high degrees of readiness of the Armed Forces for it is a power that achieves security and stability in the region, combats terrorism and illegal migration, and contributes in development works.


The political leadership also works persistently on boosting relations with partners and allies in order to achieve mutual interests pertinent to the security and stability in the Middle East, the commander underlined.


The ceremony was attended by a number of Armed Forces' commanders, former commanders of the Naval Force, and students at the Egyptian Naval Academy.




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