Qoni told MENA on Saturday that the current year witnessed several challenges which did not only change the face of the region, but they also changed the face of the world, topped by coronavirus crisis which reflected great coordination between Egypt and Kuwait, especially that Kuwait plays host to a big Egyptian community that is playing an important role in the development of the country.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in most world countries including Kuwait last February, the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait faced a problem to return home the stranded in Kuwait, but it coordinated with the Kuwaiti authorities and succeeded in organizing a number of exceptional flights to help thousands of stranded citizens return home, according to Qoni.

During Covid-19 crisis, the embassy did not only work for facilitating the return of stranded citizens, but it also tried to assuage living burdens on community members because of the spread of coronavirus, he said.

In April, an initiative themed "Takatuf" was launched in cooperation with the Egyptian businessmen forum in Kuwait to coordinate efforts of volunteers in humanitarian work to offer support to those affected by the pandemic repercussions, he said.

Shifting to Egyptian-Kuwaiti relations, Qoni said Kuwait adopted firm stances over recent years and stood by options of the Egyptian people and their demands to achieve security and development.

Kuwait is confident that Egypt is a cornerstone of security and stability in the region, he said, pointing out to Kuwait's full support for Egyptian efforts in combating terrorism.

Egypt and Kuwait share viewpoints regarding different regional and international issues and developments, with special focus on the complete rejection of foreign interference in the region, according to the Egyptian diplomat.

He pointed out to the Kuwaiti backing for Egypt in the crisis of Ethiopian dam and the importance of reaching a fair agreement on operating the dam in a move that protects the rights of the three countries, namely; Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.