Egypt’s Health Ministry coordinate with different authorities to set vaccination strategy



Mon, 21 Dec 2020 - 01:18 GMT


Mon, 21 Dec 2020 - 01:18 GMT

CAIRO – 21 December 2020: Egypt’s Health Ministry is working on a strategy to organize the vaccination process for Egyptians which expected to start next week with doctors and Health workers.

During meeting with the Ministry officials, undersecretaries and directorates heads in all around the country though a video conference meeting, Sunday, Minister Hala Zayed discussed the vaccination process and stations where citizens will be able to receive the vaccine.  

The groups targeted to receive the vaccine will be registered through an online website dedicated to registration and linked to a specific operating system, as the registration includes medical workers as a first stage.

After registering the medical workers will receive the vaccine and then monitored for 21 days before getting the second one.

The vaccine will be provided afterwards to the citizens according to the ‘deserving categories of patients’, based on the recommendations of the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus.

The ministry will be coordinating with the interior ministry, governors and all concerned authorities, to define major centers in the governorates for receiving COVID’s vaccine doses.

Egypt’s head of the scientific committee to combat coronavirus affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Hussam Hosni, said Monday that they will start vaccinating doctors and medical workers starting next week.

He stressed that the Ministry will only provide safe and effective vaccines for citizens.

Hosni affirmed that the Chinese coronavirus vaccine produced by the Chinese company Sinopharm will be approved in Egypt on a scientific basis after the completion of the medical studies.

The second batch of Sinopharm vaccine arrived in Egypt on Tuesday, December 15. The batch included 50,000 doses, bringing the balance of the Ministry of Health to 100,000 doses sufficient for 50,000 people.

Official sources at the Ministry of Health and Population told Egypt Today that a vaccination plan is being developed to include the first groups of vaccinations, adding that work is underway to establish a website to register those who wish to receive the vaccine.

The sources added, "We aim to provide 10 million doses of the Chinese vaccine, as Egypt will be receiving more doses during the current month in a row."

"It is not possible to use any vaccine except after making sure of its effectiveness and safety for humans," the source stressed, noting that the new Corona vaccine that Egypt received is safe and it is the same vaccine that more than 3,000 volunteers have recently received with no health complications reported.

According to the source, 86 percent of those who were exposed to the coronavirus after receiving the vaccine did not get sick, and 14 percent showed only slight symptoms. Some 99% of those who received the vaccine produced antibodies.

The Sinopharm vaccine has been tested in more than six countries, including Egypt, on 45,000 volunteers, after verifying its effectiveness and safety, and obtaining emergency approval as approved by the World Health Organization.









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