Egypt's Environment Min. reveals details of shark attack in Sinai


Wed, 28 Oct 2020 - 09:47 GMT

Great White Shark – CC via Wikimedia Commons/Hermanus Backpackers

Great White Shark – CC via Wikimedia Commons/Hermanus Backpackers

CAIRO - 28 October 2020: Head of the Nature Protection Agency at the Ministry of Environment Mohamed Salem revealed details of the shark attackthat has recently taken place in South Sinai. Salem said that three people were injured in the attack, including a Ukrainian mother and son, and an Egyptian tour guide, stressing that their condition is stable.


He explained that the three were going for a dive on a tourist boat, and uponthe shark attack, the tour guide began to scream; then a securityboat arrived and rescued them.They were transported to Sharm el-Sheikh to receivethe necessary treatment.


Salem further noted that since sharksaremarine predators, they inflict great injuries when they attack, pointing out that sharks are naturally present in the Red Sea. He alsoadded, "Egypt has one of the 30 most globally known species that attack humans, and we are the least vulnerable to this type of accidents."


According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Environment, on Sunday, the competent authorities will issue a detailed statement upon the completion of the investigations to determine the type, size, and causes of the accident in detail.



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