Egypt's Parliamentary elections: Electoral silence begins Sunday



Sat, 17 Oct 2020 - 03:25 GMT


Sat, 17 Oct 2020 - 03:25 GMT

Voting process in Egyptian elections - FILE

Voting process in Egyptian elections - FILE

CAIRO - 17 October 2020: The electoral silence of the first phase of the parliament elections in Egypt will begin on Sunday ahead of the parliament elections. During the electoral silence period all candidates are prohibited from practicing any form of electoral advertising, in order to allow voters to choose freely.

According to the elections schedule, the candidates’ campaigns ends, October 18.

A total of 63 million Egyptians are eligible to cast their votes in the coming parliament election due to convene on October 21-25, after updating the voters’ database by the National Election Authority.

The NEA executive body will re-allocate voters to the polling stations of their electoral constituencies after increasing the number of the stations nationwide to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

During the Senate election held in August 2020, the number of the eligible voters reached 62,940,165 voters.

Egypt’s coming parliament elections timeline that the elections’ first phase will be held for Egyptians abroad from 21 to 23 October and locally from 24 to 25 October, as its results will be announced, November 1.

The run-off elections will be held abroad from 21 to 23 November and locally on November 23 and 24. For the second phase of elections, was set to be held abroad from 4 to 6 November and locally on 7 and 8 November and its results to be announced on November 15.

The run-off elections for the second phase will be conducted abroad on 5 to 7 December and locally on7 and 8 December. The final results of Egypt’s House elections to be formally announced by the National Elections Authority on December 14.

A total of 4,006 individual candidates and eight parties’ lists were accepted to run in the parliamentary elections.

Two lists in Cairo and south and center Delta were accepted including: The National Unified List for Egypt, and Call of Egypt electoral alliance (in Arabic Nedaa Masr Coalition). Both lists were also accepted in Northern, center and southern Upper Egypt, and eastern Delta. While in the western Delta sector the National Unified List for Egypt and Sons of Egypt list were accepted.




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