New Ismailia promised bright future due to location at New Suez Canal, New Port Said, New Suez will follow


Sun, 11 Oct 2020 - 01:52 GMT

A ship transiting through Suez Canal - SCA

A ship transiting through Suez Canal - SCA

CAIRO - 11 October 2020: New Ismailia's location near the Suez Canal axis gives it a bright future, and the state plans to also establish New Port Said and New Suez, head of Suez Canal Authority Osama Rabie has said.
The authority has will transfer two of its companies soon to New Ismailia, which can accomodate 314,000 people and hosts universities, schools, shopping malls and health clubs that can all provide residents with proper lives, Rabie told Hayat T.V. on Saturday.
New Ismailia lies on the bank of New Suez Canal, and so will the extensions of Port Said and Suez cities. 
Suez, Ismailia and Port Said are the three cities overlooking the Suez Canal that were mainly given life by the waterway, and are split in half by the it. They share borders with Egypt's Delta, as well as the Sinai Peninsula. However, with newly opened tunnels and bridges, the three cities and their extensions are now more connected to mainland Egypt and Sinai Peninsula than ever, making them serious attractions for investments and living.
In April, Ahmed Hamdy 2 tunnel was inaugurated to connect Suez to South Sinai. Ahmed Hamdy 1 tunnel in the same city was opened in 1981, and is also used to cross from Cairo to South Sinai, but it was usually overcrowded, prolonging the movement of trucks and large euipment into Sinai.
Two other tunnels in Ismailia were inaugurated in May 2019; they connect eastern Ismailia with western Ismailia in 15-20-minute trip by car at 60 kilometers per hours. Western Ismailia has land borders with Central Sinai, and the tunnels are expected to take Sinai to far better economic and social horizons.
In the Mediterranean city of Port Said, Arab Contractors and Orascom built two tunnels by November 2019. They shorten the travel time crossing the Suez Canal to 10-20 minutes, instead of waiting for a turn on ferries for days.
Moreover, five bridges have been constructed above the Suez Canal, crossing over to Sinai to facilitate the transportation of goods between the cities east west of the canal.



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