House approves bills on clinical trials, establishing fund for people with disabilities, establishing endowment bodies for churches



Mon, 24 Aug 2020 - 03:33 GMT


Mon, 24 Aug 2020 - 03:33 GMT


CAIRO – 24 August 2020: Egypt’s House of Representatives, approve, Monday a bill on regulating clinical medical research, known as clinical trials.

During a Monday session, a majority of two-thirds of the parliament members approved the bill; while only one member voted against it.

Egypt’s parliament also approved several other bills during Monday session including bill on customs, establishing fund for supporting people with disabilities, establishing endowment bodies for churches, toughening up punishment for electricity theft.

Submitted by the government, the customs draft law includes a chapter on definitions to indicate meanings of the different terms.

Another chapter focused on the customs authority and employees and made clear all duties are assumed.

Under the bill, the customs authority will ensure measures to protect intellectual property rights in cooperation with the Trade and Industry Ministry.

Presented by the government, the fund for supporting people with disabilities will be affiliated to the cabinet and its main branch will be in Greater Cairo and the board can establish branches in various governorates.

The bill stipulates that the fund contributes to offering social help for handicapped people at the economic, social and educational levels, in addition to providing financial assistance as stipulated by law no. 10/2018.

The fund’s board will hold the authority for managing the fund’s issues and laying down the statutes for technical, financial, administrative, human resources, etc.

The fund’s board will also have full authority to manage finances to serve the fund’s objectives.

The fund’s board will comprise 15 members under a decision by the prime minister. The term of the board’s membership is four years and it can be renewed for only one time.

The bill of establishing endowment bodies for churches was also issued by the government, with the aim to achieve equality among the Egyptian Christian groups.

According to the bill, each of the Catholic and Evangelical churches will be allowed to have its own endowments authority which will be enjoying a legal personality and headquartered in Cairo.

The prime minister, as stated in the bill, will determine the two authorities’ powers, duties, responsibilities and area of work after the Cabinet's approval.

According to the second article of the bill, each of the two bodies will be managed by a board of directors.

The endowments’ authority board of each church will consist of 12 members; half of them clergymen and the other half prominent figures from each community. Each board will be chaired by the head of its church .


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