Video: 126 terrorists killed in Sinai operations: Egyptian Army



Sun, 03 May 2020 - 12:46 GMT


Sun, 03 May 2020 - 12:46 GMT

FILE- Egyptian Army’s armored vehicles on a highway to North Sinai - Reuters

FILE- Egyptian Army’s armored vehicles on a highway to North Sinai - Reuters

CAIRO – 3 May 2020: The Egyptian Armed Forces said 126 “takfiris” (terrorists) were killed in 22 raids and 12 operations carried out by the army and police forces in Central and North Sinai.

Also, four officers, three non-commissioned officers and eight soldiers were either killed or injured during the operations, the statement noted, without specifying the exact number of deaths.

This comes two days after 10 army members, including two officers, were “either killed or injured” in a terrorist attack in Bir El Abd city, North Sinai, according to Military Spokesman Tamer Al-Refae.

In a statement, the Armed Forces said it could seize a number of weapons and explosive belts, which were possessed by the eliminated terrorists.

The army could also find and detonate 630 explosive devices that were planted to target the armed forces. The opening of eight tunnels were also discovered and destroyed.

Also, the Air Force managed to destroy 228 hideouts that belonged to terrorists and 116 four-wheel drive vehicles, the statement added.

شاهد لحظة قنص عدد من العناصر التكفيرية بشمال سيناء قبل تنفيذ مهمتهم

لمزيد من الفيديوهات زوروا مباشر : لمزيد من الأخبار زوروا موقعنا : تابعنا ع فيس بوك

On Friday, a day after the North Sinai tragedy, the military spokesman said two high-risk terrorists were shot dead in a shoot-out with Egyptian armed forces in North Sinai.

The Interior Ministry on Friday mourned the death and injury of the army officers and soldiers and denounced the terrorists’ “abortive attempts” to harm the nation.

“Such abortive attempts will not stop the brave Armed Forces’ men from defensing the resources of the nation,” the ministry said in a brief statement.

In the early hours of Sunday, the Interior Ministry said police forces killed 18 “terrorist elements” in the same area, as forces raided a house, where they were hiding to plan their hostile operations.

The security forces managed to seize 13 automatic firearms, three explosive devices and three explosive belts, according to the statement.

Egypt has been countering terrorism and extremism ideologies over the past years since the ouster of late Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi. Several operations have been taking place in Sinai against terrorists, as many Egyptian officers and soldiers have martyred in the battle.



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