Confidence coach: World Youth Forum's goals divinely align with my career



Wed, 11 Dec 2019 - 10:18 GMT


Wed, 11 Dec 2019 - 10:18 GMT

Canadian certified confidence coach Jillisa Brown - Photo via Jillisa Brown

Canadian certified confidence coach Jillisa Brown - Photo via Jillisa Brown

CAIRO – 11 December 2019: Jillisa Brown is a certified confidence coach who is Canadian by birth, Jamaican by decent, and African by roots. She will participate in the World Youth Forum this year for the first time, which she described as a “true privilege.”

She considers the World Youth Forum, which is set to kick off on Dec. 14, a great opportunity that will bring a strong beam of light to Egypt and more people will tap into its greatness.

“I am currently working on a huge global youth project for the emancipation of the mind. While I was conducting research about different African organizations we can collaborate with, I came across WYF,” she said in an interview with Egypt Today.

On her expected participation in the forum, Brown said she looks forward to meeting and getting to understand the perspective of her peers from around the globe, and that she envisions herself evolved to heights higher than her wildest imagination due to the positive energy in the space alone.

“I've always viewed Egypt as an Empire. A sacred place where my ancestors were born and worked hard to get me where I am today,” she continued.

Brown went on to explain the role played by the media in framing Africa, saying that the media leads us to believe that African countries like Egypt are not a place filled with excellence, brilliance, and love.

She added, “the reason why they try to deter us from visiting Egypt is because they understand the true power that lays within. As for myself, I can't wait to experience the truth!”

She also praised WYF’s agenda, as well as the perspective-changing workshops for all youths. From the forum’s themes, she is most interested in women empowerment, because as she says, "Women run the world, and the first workshop I will attend is called 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Future of Youth Skills' and I am sure it will be fruitful."

Brown’s work is to assist people with mastering their lives by helping them key into self-awareness, overcome limiting fears, and exude confidence on a daily basis. “My mission is to rebuild the black community beginning with the emancipation of our minds,” she said, adding that she places most interest in youth.

“I honestly feel that this entire forum is divinely aligned with everything I'm doing with my life and career so I expect to learn many things at every moment,” she concluded.



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