Nourhan Magdi

Albanian participant: WYF sends message of diversity, union

Fri, Dec. 13, 2019

“I believe that through this event Egypt will break some prejudices among participants,” Zekaj from Albania comments on WYF.

Nigerian financial analyst: WYF shows Egypt is good listener to youths

Thu, Dec. 12, 2019

This year, Akeyewaleis is preparing to participate in the third edition of the forum set to kick off on Dec.14 in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Confidence coach: World Youth Forum's goals divinely align with my career

Wed, Dec. 11, 2019

“I've always viewed Egypt as an Empire. A sacred place where my ancestors were born and worked hard to get me where I am today."

Afghan-Canadian engineer on WYF: Egypt signifies Youths’ contributions

Tue, Dec. 10, 2019

Afghan Canadian Javed Shadan seeks to network with authorities and hear successful stories from peers during the third edition of the World Youth Forum set to kick off on Dec.14 in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Trudeau’s ex-advisor: Egypt is doing the world a great service through WYF

Mon, Dec. 9, 2019

Canadian Chris Zhou is poised to participate for the second time at the World Youth Forum's third edition in Sharm El-Sheikh from December 14-17.

DUI tests resume as Egyptian drivers spotted stoned behind the wheel

Mon, Nov. 18, 2019

Tramadol is the most abused drug by drivers, followed by hashish and then heroin.

Discussing Egypt’s progress in road quality

Sat, Nov. 16, 2019

According to the Global Economy, Egypt jumped 89 places in road quality rankings from the 118th in 2014 to the 29th in 2019.

Japanese violinist stuns Cairo audience, talks music role in bridging cultures

Wed, Nov. 6, 2019

“It was my dream to come to Egypt because when I was a child, I wanted to be a kind of archaeologist,” Kwaguti told Egypt Today.