Egypt takes part in peace rally against terrorism outside the UN


Mon, 11 Nov 2019 - 08:33 GMT

Part of the peaceful rally outside the UN headquarters in Geneva - press photo

Part of the peaceful rally outside the UN headquarters in Geneva - press photo

CAIRO - 11 November 2019: A group of young people from around the world gathered outside the UN headquarters in Geneva with the Slogan “Unite for Peace”, condemning terrorism and its sponsors.


The International Coalition for Peace and Development in Geneva held a peaceful rally in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva with the participation of a group of organizations from eight countries.


The participants asserted the danger of terrorism as the greatest challenge to human rights and that it threatens the most important human right, the right of life and the right to safety.

The participants stressed that the United Nations should take punitive measures against countries that support and sponsor terrorism, which provide them with safe haven and funding.

"This activity comes amid a global war against terrorism in most countries of the world," said Ayman Aqil, head of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights.


Ahmed Said, Executive Director of the International Coalition for Peace and Development in Geneva, the organization of the Peaceful Endowment, said that they are seeking to fight terrorism with peace and development initiatives such as the initiative adopted by the coalition now in Somalia titled "Leave arms and hold the pen, which targets children and youth in schools."

Reporto from Italy also stressed the importance of Europe adopting an international strategy to combat terrorism and that he was keen to participate in this event as the coordinator of the peacemaking forum in Italy.


Joan Yusuf from northern Syria talked about the situation in the northern region and the violations against the Syrian people due to the Turkish military interventions supported by the State of Qatar and called for the presence of international organizations monitoring the humanitarian situation in northern Syria.


Ahmed Khaled from the World Youth Forum reviewed the initiative of artists and sculptors from more than one country to set up a shrine for the victims of terrorism in Egypt.

European youths showed pictures and videos showing the dangers of terrorism.

A film was shown showing the terrorist incidents in Egypt and a number of European, African and Arab countries.



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