Pet birds imports banned until March to prevent epidemics


Sun, 13 Oct 2019 - 01:48 GMT

Bird - Needpix

Bird - Needpix

CAIRO - 13 October 2019: The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced on Sunday banning imports of pet birds as a precautionary measure to prevent epidemic diseases, particularly avian influenza, and protect the country’s poultry resources.

Head of the Central Administration for Veterinary Quarantine Ahmed Abdel Karim told Egypt Today that the ban will end in March when the winter season finishes. The official added that biological safety measures in poultry farms and slaughterhouses across the country are being reviewed. The same checks take place in rural households where poultry farming is carried out.

The Supreme Council for Planning and Urban Development approved in August the establishment of the National Project for Poultry Investment across nine zones located in the governorates of Luxor, New Valley, North Sinai, and Qena.

Spokesperson of the Cabinet Nader Saad said in a phone interview on Sada El Balad TV channel that each zone spans over 6,000 - 8,000 feddans. Saad explained that the project is aimed at boosting Egypt’s poultry resources in order to achieve self-sufficiency by 95 percent. The official states the project will be launched as soon as all the needed licenses are issued.

In a similar context, Egypt ranks eighth internationally, and first in Africa in the aquaculture sector, as stated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation in June.

Egypt has adopted the strategy of sustainable agricultural development 2030 aimed at increasing the state’s production to reach nearly 2 million tons annually and raise the average per capita consumption from 13 kg to 18.5 kg/year.



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