221 screened for Hepatitis C in Juba by Egyptian mission


Sat, 28 Sep 2019 - 12:54 GMT

The city of Juba is seen at sunset, October 4, 2012. REUTERS/Adriane Ohanesian

The city of Juba is seen at sunset, October 4, 2012. REUTERS/Adriane Ohanesian

CAIRO - 28 September 2019: The Ministry of Health and Population carried out medical check-ups for 221 South Sudanese citizens in two days within a presidential initiative to detect Hepatitis C among a million Africans and provide treatment for those who are infected.

The turnout for the “Long Live Egypt-Africa” clinic has been high since its inauguration in Juba on Thursday. The Egyptian medical team has been joined by a local one in order to deliver the service for citizens within an adequate duration.

Juba Medical Team Leader Mohamed Gad stated that the target is screening 10,000 South Sudanese citizens and treating 1,000 Hepatitis C patients. He revealed that until present 25 have been diagnosed as Hepatitis C patients and will start receiving treatments.

The ministry clarified in a statement that the medical team and officials from the South Sudanese Ministry of Health will visit university hospitals in Juba to discuss the standards needed to accredit the training centers at those hospitals. They will also identify the specialities that need more capacity-building in order to increase fellowship opportunities for South Sudanese doctors to train in those centers.

Both parties agreed to provide training for South Sudanese nurses in Egyptian public hospitals. Each month, 15 will be trained in the departments of intensive care, ER, dialysis, reproductive health, surgeries, and different internal departments. Furthermore, there is a plan to re-open the Egyptian medical center that was built in Port City but stopped working in 2013. Its condition will first be evaluated to decide upon the restoration works needed.



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