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Washington-based Middle East Institute to hold conference at Princeton Club in New York

Wed, Sep. 25, 2019
Cairo - 25 September 2019: In collaboration with the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS), the Washington-based Middle East Institute will hold a one-day convention at the Princeton Club of New York on 25 September.

It held under the title “The Middle East’s Strategic Map and Patterns of New Threats”, the conference will see the participation of a large number of experts from Egypt and the US.

Being organized on the sidelines of the high-level meetings of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the conference held at the Princeton Club will be attended by a host of leading political and diplomatic figures participating at the UNGA, scheduled to be held on 17 September, in addition to experts from US research centers, academics, authors, and journalists from international media outlets.

Three sessions will be held during the conference. The first will focus on the geopolitical changes taking place in the Middle East and the region’s current political and strategic map. Participants in the second session will discuss the existing regional challenges and the rising threats. Speaking at the two sessions will be Egyptian and US participants.

The third session, in which Egyptian speakers will take the platform, will revolve around the new Egypt. The topics will include economic and urban developments, administrative overhauling, digital transformation, and economic and social reform policies, such as healthcare programs, and Takaful and Karama (Solidarity and Dignity) social protection programs. The speakers will also discuss Egypt’s viewpoint on human rights and the war on terrorism.

In addition to the speech given by a high-level official, the agenda includes a number of young researchers from the ECSS participating with their working papers.

The closing session will be limited to experts from the ECSS and the Middle East Institute to discuss potential future collaboration between the two centers.

The Middle East Institute:

The first research center to be established in the US, the leading Washington-based Middle East Institute was founded in 1946. It has maintained its good reputation due to its objective positions.

The Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies:

The ECSS was founded in Cairo in 2018. It conducts studies on Egyptian, regional and international issues and has launched a number of initiatives focusing on the Middle East in the past few months. The center seeks to provide an objective platform for dialogue and to exchange points of view on multiple challenges.
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