How Muslim Brotherhood drove systematic social media scheme against Egypt



Sat, 21 Sep 2019 - 05:32 GMT


Sat, 21 Sep 2019 - 05:32 GMT

Media outlets loyal to the Brotherhood, based in Turkey and Qatar, have over recent days been inciting Egyptians to take to the streets to protest - ET Photo

Media outlets loyal to the Brotherhood, based in Turkey and Qatar, have over recent days been inciting Egyptians to take to the streets to protest - ET Photo

CAIRO – 21 September 2019: Terrorism comes in many forms, and when a terrorist organization realizes it is losing armed confrontations, it seeks other hidden devious schemes to destabilize countries from the inside.

Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood web trolls have been attempting to stage mass protests across Egypt through sowing discord and spreading fake news and lies about key state figures.

The grand Muslim Brotherhood scheme included the creation of ordinary Facebook groups and pages to mobilize as many citizens and sympathizers to suddenly change their names and start calling to bring down the state and demolish all signs of progress and achievement under President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

One of the Facebook groups was originally titled Montaqibat Gamilat Afifat (Beautiful and Chaste Niqabis) when it was created on Jan 18, 2019. The group changed its name after while in August to Al-Niqab Din wa Hayah (Niqab is religion and life).

Then on Sept 17, 2019 the group changed its name to #Enough_Sisi, revealing its true identity and connection to the terrorist group.


Muslim Brotherhood online trolls have also started promoting for these pages, which include nothing but baseless and fake information and news that only aim to sow discord among the Egyptian society.

Following the same strategy, these trolls are promoting for these pages in the name of religion. “Join us in this group for the sake of God,” Reem Mohamed, a fake MB account posed, along with the link to the group.


Another group, originally entitled Khawater Raqiya (Elegant Thoughts) in Feb 2017, changed its name on Sept 16, 2019 to #Enough_Sisi.


Another page that was created in October 2017 as “Happy Life ∞” changed its name on the same date to the same hashtag.


Another MB-affiliated group has been changing its name over time since Sep 2016, and also changing its purpose from being a religious group to a mobilization group for the Muslim Brotherhood scheme.


A voice message believed to be recorded by fugitive Hani Sabry, allegedly a Muslim Brotherhood "terrorist" group member, has asked others who he called "youth" to send him links of Facebook accounts, as part of a systematic campaign attempting to oust the president.

In the following video, TV Presenter Amr Adib has displayed the recording, along with a video showing some persons positively responding to his demand, by which he aims at launching a cyber attack against the leadership.

Egypt has designated the Muslim Brotherhood group as a terrorist organization late in 2013, after Mohamed Morsi, who also served as head of the terrorist group, was ousted following a popular uprising to protested the ruling of the group.

Moreover, MBC Masr satellite channel broadcast on Friday a footage, which showed one of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders calling on supporters to gather near their houses and then fill the cities' squares.

However, despite the propaganda and videos of MB sympathizers and members protesting, media correspondents reported that there were no signs of protests at the main Cairo square of Tahrir, the focal point of 2011 mass protests.

Some scattered Muslim Brotherhood protests came in response to online calls by Brotherhood-linked media outlets and Egyptian businessman and unrecognized actor Mohammad Ali, who had fled the country to Spain alleging in viral videos fake information to sow discord and serve the Brotherhood’s scheme.

“The Brotherhood’s systematic campaign against Egypt and its stability has abysmally failed,” said UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash. In his tweets, Gargash cited “genuine” public support for Egypt’s state institutions, exposing allegations by pro-Brotherhood media.


“Egypt is recovering and resolutely facing challenges on a daily basis. Realities are different from what the externally funded media propagate."

Security authorities were able to identify some of the Muslim Brotherhood web trolls while the others are being identified over time. Some Muslim Brotherhood heads organizing the calls were revealed to be:

- Mohamed Abdul-Aziz Al-Hady Mahmoud / 35 June 1972
- Ahmed Mostafa / 19 July 1984

The Brotherhood and their terrorist loyalists have been inciting violence in Egypt and sought to derail President Sisi’s strenous efforts to re-establish security, stability and economy in the country.

Egyptian Media Group releases documentary on Muslim Brotherhood dark history

Media outlets loyal to the Brotherhood, based in Turkey and Qatar, have over recent days been inciting Egyptians to take to the streets to demand President Sisi to step down.

President Sisi, who took office in 2015, has largely restored stability to Egypt and revitalize its battered economy through an economic plan that laid the foundations of the Egyptian economy that has been showing remarkable progress and improvement in recent years.



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