Brazil to import Egyptian garlic, grapes, citrus



Mon, 16 Sep 2019 - 03:18 GMT


Mon, 16 Sep 2019 - 03:18 GMT

Grapes - CC via Flickr/brando

Grapes - CC via Flickr/brando

CAIRO - 16 September 2019: Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation received on Monday, Sept. 16 a Brazilian delegation headed by Minister Tereza Cristina to examine boosting trade exchange.

Egypt contemplates exporting garlic, grapes, and citrus to Brazil. In that context, the Brazilian minister affirmed that importation of Egyptian grapes will begin soon and that a technical commission will visit Egypt in November to finalize negotiations on Egyptian citrus imports.

The Ministry of Agriculture is currently studying a proposal to establish a Brazilian meat processing company in Egypt in coordination with the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The location, logistics, and Egyptian talents to be hired are being examined carefully.

Both parties will coordinate a prospective visit of a Brazilian technical committee to set the commitments pertinent to each party. Later on, training sessions will be held by Brazilian partners.

The officials of both countries discussed supplying sheep and goats as well as frozen meats to Egypt in accordance with the national veterinary rules. The frozen meats will be imported in specific times so that Egyptian products are not badly affected. Meats exported to Egypt must be given the Halal certificate.

The talks included pushing cooperation between both countries in the fields of agrarian research, bio-gas, agricultural waste recycling, and exchange of germplasm of forage crops and wood trees.

The volume of Brazil’s exports to Egypt during the first half of 2019 hit 2.76 million tons, amounting to $791.53 million, according to President of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber Robert Hanoun.

Hanoun added on Sept. 15 that Egyptian exports to Brazil amounted to 542,068 tons of goods, with a total value of $135.98 million, and that the total trade exchange hit about $927.5 million.



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