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Tue, 23 Jul 2019 - 12:32 GMT


Tue, 23 Jul 2019 - 12:32 GMT

Revolutionary Command Council

Revolutionary Command Council

CAIRO - 23 July 2019: On the 67th anniversary of the July 23rd Revolution led by the Free Officers in 1952, Egypt Today acquired a hand-written copy of the constitutional declaration issued by the Revolutionary Command Council on June 18, 1953 to abolish the monarchy.

The declaration was signed by late presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar al-Sadat, late Minister of Defense Abdel Hakim Amer, and late Prime Minister Kamal el-Din Hussein among others. The declaration reads:

Constitutional Declaration
The Revolutionary Command Council

Since the revolution broke out, it has aimed for the elimination of colonization and its partners. On July 23, 1952, the revolution demanded former King Farouk to abdicate the throne as he represented the cornerstone of the colonization.

Nevertheless, since that date and since the ban of political parties, some backward elements have found the chance to survive relying upon the monarchy that the nation agrees to eliminate irreversibly.

The history of Mohamed Ali family in Egypt has been a series of treasons committed against this people. The first of those treasons is [Khedive] Ismail’s immersion in pleasures, and as a result, the country’s immersion in debts that ruined its reputation and finance.

That was a pretext for the colonizing states to infiltrate into the land of this safe valley. Then, Tawfik came to conclude this image of blatant treason in order to preserve his throne, so the armies of the colonization entered the land of Egypt to protect the foreigner sitting on the throne who sought help from the country’s enemies against its people.

That is how the colonization and the throne became partners who exchange interests as one provides the other with power for such mutual interest. Hence, each of them humiliated the people in the name of the other and the throne has become the facade behind which the colonization worked to drain the wealth of the people and sabotage its identity, morals and freedoms.

Farouk has superseded his predecessors from the [same family] tree in greed, arrogance, and injustice to bring his own end. It is time for the country to become liberated from all slavery signs imposed upon it because of such circumstances. Thus, we announce today in the name of the people:

First, the abolishment of the monarchy, the rule of Mohamed Ali family, and all the titles of its members.

Second, the declaration of the republic. Revolution leader Major-General Mohamed Naguib is appointed president while preserving all his current powers granted by the temporary constitution.

Third, this regime persists throughout the transitional period. The people have the final word on the type of the presidency, and the selection of the president when the new constitution is promulgated.

We have to trust God and ourselves, and to feel the pride God has endowed to his faithful worshippers.

Constitutional Declaration 1

Constitutional Declaration 2

Translated by Noha El Tawil



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