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334 illegal migrants, infiltrators arrested by border guards in May

Fri, Jun. 28, 2019
CAIRO- 28 June 2019: As many as 334 illegal migrants and infiltrators of different nationalities were arrested on all state strategic borders in May.

Some 1,882 kg of hashish, 2,325 kg of bango and three kg of opium, as well as 185,000 narcotic pills were seized.

This comes as part of the border guards' efforts to secure the country's frontiers and counter all infiltration and illegal immigration attempts.

They also confiscated 79 explosive charges, 81 RPJs, 860 bullets, chemical materials, including urea nitrate (exceptionally easy-to-make improvised explosives), in addition to five rifles and two machine guns.

Around 63 vehicles of different models, two buses, three loaders and a fishing boat used in smuggling, besides 19 equipment for mineral exploration were seized by the border guards.
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