Eradication of Muslim Brotherhood to give chance to moderate Islam: thinker



Sat, 18 May 2019 - 02:56 GMT


Sat, 18 May 2019 - 02:56 GMT

Radicalism Expert and Muslim Reformer Tawfik Hamid - website of Tawfik Hamid

Radicalism Expert and Muslim Reformer Tawfik Hamid - website of Tawfik Hamid

CAIRO - 18 May 2019: Commenting on the U.S. possible designation of the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, Egyptian Radicalism Expert and Muslim Reformer Tawfik Hamid told Al Jazzera that the eradication of the group from the world would make room for “moderate Islam that values human rights.”

According to his website, Hamid was once a member of the Jamaa Islameia (JI) in Egypt along with Ayman Al Zawahiri, leader of al-Qaeda. Hamid who joined the group 25 years ago has renounced extremist thought and became an expert on radicalism. He authored a book titled “Inside Jihad.” He is Chair for the Study of Islamic Radicalism at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.

According to an American legal bill known as the Patriot Act, which was promulgated in 2001, an organization can be put on terror list for aiding terror groups such as Hamas and not necessarily for committing an act of terror against the United States, Hamid explained.

Hamid highlighted that “the American authorities have studied the group for years, and realized that its members go through different phases that end up with extremism. The first is Daewa followed by participation. Both are peaceful. The last two are confrontation, and empowerment. The West grasped that it would not be wise to wait until reaching a point where terror attacks are launched against it. The West is now aware of the necessity of controlling the group from the inside since it is a global ramified organization.”

Hamid underlined that the Obama Administration was close to the Muslim Brotherhood and let the Islamic State grow. He added that the former U.S. president admitted his mistake with regard to the latter.

Responding to claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate Islamist group, Hamid questioned how it is possible that one of its major scholars, Said Kutb, argues that Muslims must use armed force against the rest of humans worldwide if they do not convert to Islam.

“Al Qaradawi stated that suicide bombings targeting innocent people and children does not contradict with religion as long as they are launched upon the directives of the groups perpetrators are affiliated to and not based on personal decisions,” Hamid added.

The thinker also shed light on a statement by brotherhood member in Egypt Mohamed El Beltagy as he said that all terrorism happening in North Sinai would end when former President Mohamed Morsi is reinstated as president. Beltagy told media this while taking part in Rabaa sit-in after Morsi, who is an a brotherhood member, was toppled over pass protests in 2013.

“I think the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization will be beneficial for Muslims because the political segment that interfered with religion and ruined it will be removed. We are talking about the brotherhood that want to revive the Caliphate state. Was that state a superb example of democracy and humanitarianism... Should that be a goal for us? Omitting the Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrine from the Islamic thought will give a chance to moderate Islam that is not deformed, and that is rational and merciful,” Hamid asserted.

“The Muslim Brotherhood does not believe in the concept of homeland. They believe in the destruction of the nation states to gain control over them through the Caliphate state,” Hamid concluded affirming that Turkey backs the Muslim Brotherhood.

The brotherhood is outlawed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Russia. U.S. President Donald Trump has been pushing to designate the group a terrorist organization.



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