National projects inaugurated in Ismailiyah, Middle Sinai



Sun, 05 May 2019 - 01:23 GMT


Sun, 05 May 2019 - 01:23 GMT

HMS Monmouth Passing Under the Suez Canal Bridge at Al Qantara, Egypt - CC via flickr/Defence Images

HMS Monmouth Passing Under the Suez Canal Bridge at Al Qantara, Egypt - CC via flickr/Defence Images

CAIRO - 5 May 2019: A number of infrastructure and facilities projects in Ismailiyah and Middle Sinai had been inaugurated on Sunday by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi via a video conferencing system from New Ismailiyah City before he visited some of them.

Below are the details by sector:

New Ismailiyah City

The city lies on the eastern coast of the New Suez City, and is composed of six residential neighborhoods.

The total area is 2,828 feddans to house 52,000 residential units, and 250,000 people.

The built area is 20 percent.

The remaining surface is allocated for roads, parking spots, and scenery.

Each neighborhood has a services complex.

The city has a civil service complex, a medical complex, a mosque, a church, a police department, a sports and social club, and a water purification plant located western the Suez Canal with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day.

The first and second phases having a total of 32,000 residential units were inaugurated on Sunday. The third phase, which is under construction, will consist of 20,000 residential units.


There are planned five tunnels that will pass under the Suez Canal water in Southern Port Said, North Ismailiyah, North Suez.

On Sunday, the two tunnels located in North Ismailiyah were inaugurated.

Each has two lanes and is one-way.

The flow is 2,000 vehicles per hour.

The length of each is 5,820 meters.

The internal width of each is 11.4 meters while the external width is 14.6 meters.

The internal height is 5.5 meters.

Two services areas were established eastern and western the tunnels.

First phase of Ismailiyah/Ouga road developed.

The length is 156 kilometer. The width is 12.6 meters.

Tahya Misr Road was built western the Canal.

The road has a length of 4.5 kilometer, a width of 26 meters, and three lanes.

Tahya Misr bridge has been constructed to connect Tahya Misr Road with Ismailiyah/Port Said Road.

The bridge has a length of 1,200 meters, a width of 30 meters, and three lanes in each direction.

El Geish Road western Temsah lake in Ismailiyah was finished.

The length is 2.4 kilometer. The width is 42 meters. The road has four lanes.

Four crossing bridges were built over Ismailiyah Lake.

The length of each varies between 300 and 500 meters, while the width is 10 meters.

A pedestrian zone around Temsah Lake was built.

The zone has a length of 2,400 meters, a width of 34 meters, and a bike lane.

There is a plan to build 100 hypermarkets across Egypt.

A hypermarket lying on 7,000 square meters and eight malls were built in Ismailiyah.

Al Waha Club for Suez Canal workers was built.

The club has a social building, a swimming pool, and a number of fields and courts.

A fish market was built over three feddans.

The market has a selling area, six restaurants, 30 fish shops, ice factory, foam containers factory, and a factory for recycling and fertilizer manufacturing.

A number of roads were built in Ismailiyah.

El Geish Bridge was built over Port Said Lake. Its length is two square kilometers. Its width is 2 kilometers.

Two bridges were built over Nefeisha railway.

The length and width of each is 600 meters, and 11.2 meters, respectively. Each has three lanes for vehicles, and a lane for pedestrians.

Three floating bridges were constructed.

Two of those are the eastern and western ‘Martyr Major General Taha Zaki AbdAallah’ bridges in Sarabium Zone. They pass over the old and new passages of the Suez Canal. Each has a capacity of 17 tons, a width of 15 meters, a length of 257.5 meters, and a depth of 2.25 meters.

The third is “Martyr Major Ahmed Omar Shabrawy” bridge located in Al Shat district in Suez governorate. Its length and width are 227 meters and 15 meters, respectively.

Youth and Sports Sector

The Social Ismailiyah Club is a social and sports projects established in Ard Al Nakhil, and stretching over 120,000 square meters.

The club - inaugurated on Sunday - consists of a social building, a swimming pool complex, two football fields, two acrylic tennis court, two modern pentathlon courts, two multi-purpose acrylic courts, two blue multi-purpose acrylic courts, a jogging track, a martial arts hall, a gymnasium, a playground, a mosque, a building, cafeterias and restaurants, and a wedding hall.

The old Ismailiyah Club had only a stadium, and did not have a social building, Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhy said.

The minister has also announced that the stadiums that will host the matches of the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 are Cairo Stadium, Alexandria Stadium, Suez Stadium, Air Force Stadium, Ismailiyah Stadium, and Salam Stadium.

Since mid-2014 until March 2019, 751 national projects worth LE360 billion were accomplished in 21 sectors, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly stated.



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