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US House Speaker urges some pressure on Qatar

Thu, Jun. 8, 2017
CAIRO – 8 June 2017: The American administration seems to be vehemently backing the Saudi-led embargo on Qatar, as U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters that the U.S. should put some pressure on Qatar, AP reported.

"I think they can improve their foreign policy — let's just put it that way,” Ryan added to reporters on Wednesday as quoted by the AP.

Donald Trump expressed his endorsement to the embattled Gulf States move to sever its diplomatic relations with Qatar.

Along with Egypt and Libya, the U.S.-backed Gulf states of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates decided on Monday to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar over its support of terrorism and the extremist government of Iran.

"So good to see the Saudi Arabia visit with the King and 50 countries already paying off. They said they would take a hard line on funding," Trump said in a Wednesday morning tweet, referring to Saudi-U.S. summit in April.

“During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar - look!” Trump added.

Noteworthy that Qatar hosts the biggest American base in Middle East.
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