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Sat, 30 Mar 2019 - 12:56 GMT


Sat, 30 Mar 2019 - 12:56 GMT

Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform Hala el Saeed - File Photo

Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform Hala el Saeed - File Photo

CAIRO - 30 March 2019: Minister of Planning, Follow-up, and Administrative Reform Hala al-Saeed stated on Egyptian Women Day on Saturday that women compose 44.5 percent of the state’s administrative body, 25 of ministers in the cabinet (from six percent in 2015), and 30 percent of investors in EGX.

Females represent 57 percent of university students from 48 percent four years ago.

As for faculty members, the percentage is 50 percent from 45 percent in 2015.

In the second edition of the Presidential Leadership Program, the percentage of women rose to 45 percent against 33 percent in the first edition. In the third edition, it became 57 percent.

The percentage of female recipients of scholarships funded by the state to study in French universities increased from 36 percent to 45 percent.

Unemployment among women used to stand at 23 and 24 percent. It declined to 21.5 percent, and for the first time, it decreased in the last quarter of the year to 19.6 percent.

Unemployment among women is three times unemployment among men.

The percentage of women-owned small projects funded by MSMEDA reached 46 percent from 23 percent in 2015.

Forty five person of recipients of microcredit were women in 2015, and now the percentage is 69 percent.

The percentage of default among women is less than one percent. “That (achievement) does not exist even in developed countries,” al-Saeed said.

Two million female beneficiaries are enrolled in Takaful and Karama monetary subsidiary program constituting 85 percent of all beneficiaries.

Thirty five million female beneficiaries have ration cards to receive in-kind subsidies constituting 50 percent of all citizens enrolled.

Only nine percent of women were banked in 2015. Now, 27 percent of Egyptian women are banked.

Women form 12 percent of the Egyptian banks boards.

Women form 25 percent of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) board. “That overpasses the percentages in many developed countries,” al-Saeed stated.

Women represent six percent of board members of public authorities and companies.

Women occupy 15 percent of seats at the parliament against two percent in 2013.

Ninety one percent of women assume household work.

Twenty seven percent of women are the family’s breadwinner.

“If that translates into numbers. Household work and financial care by women are worth L.E. 458 billion,” al-Saeed said.

Illiteracy among females over 10 years old is 31 percent.

Former Minister Fayza Abou El Naga is the president’s advisor for national security. That position is held by only 12 women worldwide.



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