Consulate follows up arrest of Egyptian employees in Saudi Arabia

Sat, Jan. 26, 2019
CAIRO – 26 January 2019: The Egyptian Consulate in Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday that it set up an investigation team to follow up on the arrest of a group of Egyptian employees in Dhahran.

A statement by the consulate said the Egyptian employees took part in a sit-in, along with other employees of different nationalities, to protest delays in their salaries.

The Egyptian Consul dispatched the legal counselor to Dhahran to meet with Saudi public prosecution officials to stand on the legal status of the Egyptian citizens and check on their well-being.

"The consulate affirms that it will continue following up this matter to provide all the possible assistance and support," The statement added. "The consulate, however, stresses the importance of adhering to the laws, regulations and rules of the Saudi Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia acquires the largest number of Egyptian labor; there are around 2.9 million Egyptians working in the kingdom, while about 1.6 million Egyptian workers are working in the private sector.
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