Cairo sees warmer weather Saturday

Sat, Jan. 26, 2019
CAIRO – 26 January 2019: Weather reports said Saturday the weather in Cairo, Upper Egypt and the Northern Coast got warmer.

Weather tends to be warmer during daytime in Upper Egypt and a bit sandy and chilly during the night.

Navigation through the Western Mediterranean and south of the Red Sea might get disrupted due to strong wind waves and heavy clouds north of country and the Sinai Peninsula.

The Mediterranean and the Red Sea became unstable as waves are to reach (3 to 3.5 meters) from (2 to 2.5) meters respectively.

The expected temperature degree of tomorrow Saturday comes as follows:

Cairo will record highs of 23 and lows of 11, Alexandria will record highs of 21 and of lows 8, Marsa Matrouh will record highs of 18 and lows 11, Sohag will record highs of 26 and lows of 12 Qena will record highs of 27 and lows 13 of and Aswan will see highs of 31 and lows of 14.
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