Hasm element admits monitoring police ambush in Cairo



Tue, 25 Dec 2018 - 12:20 GMT


Tue, 25 Dec 2018 - 12:20 GMT

FILE – Egyptian police individuals – Reuters

FILE – Egyptian police individuals – Reuters

CAIRO – 25 December 2018: Four individuals, believed to be belonging to the terrorist movement Hasm, were arrested last week. They admitted amid investigation that they had received military and technical training on the manufacture of explosives.

They also admitted joining the two terror movements of Hasm and Lewaa al-Thawra (Revolution Brigade), possessing firearms, ammunition and explosives as part of carrying out many hostile activities to execute the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood designated by the state as terrorist group.

Amr Ayman, one of the defendants, said that he joined the Muslim Brotherhood since he was young, adding that his father joined the group long time ago. He also admitted participating in the sit-in of Rabaa al-Adawiya Square and in various activities related to the Brotherhood's activities in al-Mahalla al-Kubra in August 2014.

Ayman said he joined the armed wing of the Brotherhood, adding that a training on using weapons was arranged for him for three days in Badr city in New Cairo.

After a period of training, Ayman was assigned to monitor a police ambush along King Saleh'sCorniche, adding that he spotted the ambush and uploaded it on Telegram to communicate with the organization.

Investigations indicated that the organization had formed groups in 17 provinces nationwide to executethe terrorist operations.

The State Security Prosecution ordered the detention of four individuals of Hasm terrorist movement for 15 days pending investigation over charges of planning to commit hostile acts in conjunction with the New Year's celebrations and Copts' feasts.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry stated on Thursday that its strategic plan to preserve national interest, state capabilities and abort the hostile plots designed by the Muslim Brotherhoods, which seems to undermine the internal stability of the country, is still on-going.

The ministry stated that information was received by the Egyptian security forces regarding a movement by Hasm, as a Muslim Brotherhood’s right arm, to carry out several attacks against tourist facilities, public buildings, Armed Forces and police during Christmas celebrations.

The security forces monitored the situation in the area of Al-Moneeb in Giza. Police personnel approached the suspects to question them on permits and whether they have the appropriate documents; unfortunately, the suspect opened fire on the security personnel, which forced them to kill him on site.

Upon searching his belongings, a false identity card and a mechanical gun were found.

Security forces are continuing to follow-up and trace the other members. Security forces located the terrorist elements at a hideout in Salam City, Cairo. Accordingly, a number of checkpoints were put in place in order to ensure that the fugitives are caught, including Muslim Brotherhood member Ibrahim Reda Ibrahim MetwalyKhedr, who was found and killed on site after he opened fire on security forces.

Upon searching, security forces found in his possession a false identity card, a 9-mm gun, a significant number of bullets, an explosive device, as well asmaterials and tools that are used to create explosive devices.

An apartment was also located in Salam City in Cairo, where a number of terrorists have taken refuge. When security forces raided the apartment, they found four Muslim Brotherhood fugitives, including Salah el-Din Hamed Moussa, Amr Ayman Mohamed Aly, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Aly Mostafa, and Sayed Mahmoud Abdel Ghany Abdel Meguid.

In the apartment, forces found automatic rifles, explosive devices, and a surplus of ammunition, a drone, and more.

Security forces were heavily deployed in the vicinity of state institutions and places of worship, coinciding with the New Year's celebrations and Copts' feasts.

The security managers toured the country to ensure the deployment of the security forces, and to assert the importance of dealing decisively with any attempts to break the law, according to media reports.



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