Sisi vows no role for Muslim Brotherhood under his rule



Sat, 13 Oct 2018 - 02:26 GMT


Sat, 13 Oct 2018 - 02:26 GMT

FILE - President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

FILE - President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

CAIRO - 13 October 2018: The “creative chaos” led by the Muslim Brotherhood destroyed many Arab countries like Yemen and Libya, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said in an interview with Kuwaiti newspaper Al Shahed that was published on October 13.

“As long as I am in power, the Muslim Brotherhood will have no role,” the president added stressing that the Egyptian people will not accept the return of the brotherhood to power because its “ideology is not viable and collides with life.”

Sisi reiterated the importance of renewing the religious discourse affirming that religion does not contradict with life as the creator of both is the same God. He elaborated that the issue lies in the wrong understanding of religious texts and interpreting them within irrelevant frameworks.

The president said that Syria has started to recover from the crises it went through and that it needs to deploy efforts to undertake reconstruction. Sisi expressed concerns over the presence of 36,000 terrorists of different nationalities in Syria.

“Where would those head for after the war in Syria is over? They may be used by intelligence bodies that want destruction for the region,” Sisi highlighted. The president called for all Arab countries to cooperate and unite in order to preserve the national security from threats facing the Arab nation.

By cooperation and unity, Arab countries can create a “state of deterrence” against any aggressor who wants to violate their sovereignty, the president stated affirming that the so called Arab Spring is the result of a wrong reality and a wrong approach. He added that such chaos produced destruction and demolition in several Arab countries.

Egypt got out safely of that chaos because the state institutions are deep-rooted in the conscience of the Egyptian people who preferred the preservation of those establishments and their honorable history, the president explained.

Sisi stressed that conspiracy does not exist in Egypt’s policies even in response to the offences by a certain Arab country and annoyances by some regional countries saying that Egypt faces those acts by work and development giving them no attention.

The president clarifies that the economic reforms program was not imposed on Egypt, and that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) accredited it after the state had set the plan. Sisi affirmed that the program would continue despite of the resentment of some for the people to live.

In the end, Sisi called for mainstream media outlets to focus on positive aspects and refrain from propagating hatred and passiveness in Arab societies to prevent collapse and fragmentation.

On Thursday, President Sisi described January 25 Revolution as “a wrong treatment for a wrong diagnosis.” That was during the 23rd Armed Forces Informative Seminar held in the occasion of October 6th victory.

After the 1967 defeat, “..we didn’t lose the willpower,” Sisi stated saying that the army was rebuilt using the available means and in light of “different international circumstances.” He added that weapons purchases were not as easy as now as they were made available by “just two camps.”

At that time, the public opinion was pressuring the political leadership to go on war although preparations were not over, Sisi said explaining that Egyptians were making jokes on the state’s capabilities.

“The incomprehensive image in the masses’ heads is a challenge would face any leader,” the president proceeded saying that people have to know the details and the reality.

Sisi stated that the comparison was in favor of “the other party” and that Russian experts said that the Bar Lev Line would only be destroyed by an atomic bomb. “Students used to demonstrate urging for war. If we did it and failed, who would assume the responsibility? The state and the people or those who were calling for war,” Sisi questioned.

Late combat engineer Baki Zaki Yousef came up with the idea of demolishing the Bar Lev Line using water pressure. Sisi said that Egypt imported water pumps from Germany claiming it is for the Ministry of Agriculture saying that the idea would not translate into a reality and succeed, if rational and objective measures were not taken to support it.

“That war is considered a suicide. The outcome is a miracle by all measures and standards,” Sisi stressed saying “no one would give you the land until they experienced the real price of war..That is why Israel accepted peace.”

“They had thousands of casualties and injuries. They were not ready to go through that again. The Egyptian army did it once, and can do it every time,” Sisi said highlighting that Egypt paid the price for Israel’s “strategic decision to return Sinai” as the losses it assumed during the attrition war that started in 1968 till the 1973 battle have been “incomparable ever since.”

“The battle is not over. In the past, the enemy was obvious. In present, the enemy is not obvious. It is between us. Using intellect, they created an enemy among us that survives on killing us and builds above our ruins,” Sisi said.

“The challenge now is building conscience. The real enemy is fake or incomplete conscience,” the president said urging Egyptians to be aware of fake news and false interpretations of the status quo.



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