Hepatitis B treatment affordably available all over Egypt


Sat, 08 Sep 2018 - 02:42 GMT

FILE: Head of the Parliamentary Education and Scientific Research Committee

FILE: Head of the Parliamentary Education and Scientific Research Committee

CAIRO – 8 September 2018: Gamal Sheeha, the head of the parliamentary education and scientific research committee, said treatment for Hepatitis B patients is available all over Egypt and for affordable prices.

Sheeha added, during his interview with Sada el-Balad satellite channel on Saturday, that the available treatment is effective and can eradicate the virus.

He pointed out that the only flaw with the treatment is that patients have to consume it on a daily basis for a very long period, which could be years.

Moreover, he clarified that the Ministry of Health is currently planning to reduce Hepatitis B treatment to six months to one year.

A total of 247 projects, at a cost of LE 24.6 billion, for the health sector have been implemented over the four years. About 376 hospitals were well-equipped to meet people’s needs nationwide.

Also, 1.4 million patients with hepatitis C have been treated in the framework of the anti-Hep C campaign launched by President Sisi since 2014 to announce Egypt free from Hepatitis C by 2010.

Costing LE 18.2 billion, 54 projects were executed for the aviation sector. The Ministry of Aviation is building five new airports at a cost of LE 9.3 billion in investments; three airports have already been built in the New Administrative Capital, in addition to the Bardawil Airport in central Sinai, and Sphinx International Airport.



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