5 terrorist elements killed in fire exchange with police on Assiut-Sohag road



Mon, 27 Aug 2018 - 02:58 GMT


Mon, 27 Aug 2018 - 02:58 GMT

Egyptian security forces during their raid against terrorists in Sinai - Press Photo

Egyptian security forces during their raid against terrorists in Sinai - Press Photo

CAIRO – 27 August 2018: Egypt’s Security Forces killed five terrorist militants after a fire exchange, while raiding a terrorist hideout on Assiut-Sohag road within the framework of Egypt’s war against terrorism, the Interior Ministry declared on Monday.

The Interior Ministry declared that while the security forces were carrying out sweep operations in Upper Egypt’s remote areas, which terrorists use as their hideouts to carry out their operations, the fugitive terrorist elements were found at a mountainous area on Assiut-Sohag road.

The five terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire with the security forces, and three machine guns and papers dealing with their plans and organization were found with them.

Previously, security forces on June 27 to raid a terror cell in Assiut’s El-Ghanayem, killing its four elements, according to a security source.
The terror cell was set to target some areas in the country amid June 30 celebrations, the source revealed.

The terrorists were killed in Al-Souhageya area in Al-Ghanayem during the raid on the terror cell’s headquarters, following engagement with Interior Ministry’s Special Forces, according to the source.

The terrorists' bodies were moved to Assiut University Hospitals under tight guard, the source added.

Earlier in June, security forces managed to disband a terrorist cell comprised of six elements believed to be affiliated with the Islamic State terrorist group (IS) in the delta province of Damietta and arrested all its members.

The defendants faced charges of unlawfully forming an armed group to carry out hostile operations that aim at disturbing public order and security.

Also, security forces managed to seize 188 unlicensed weapons and to stop several cases of encroachment on agricultural and state-owned lands during several raids conducted across Egypt.

Security forces had also raided the country’s notorious drug-trafficking desert area of Al-Sehr W Al-Jamal (Charm and Beauty) and killed two criminals during a police shootout that also led to the injury of an officer.

A machine gun, 250 bullets and related chambers, a CZ 9mm pistol, large quantities of heroin, five digital scales, 10 mobile phones, an unlicensed motorcycle, and LE 23,000 ($1,284) were in possession of the criminals.



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