Some Arab countries ban Kiki dance challenge



Wed, 25 Jul 2018 - 11:00 GMT


Wed, 25 Jul 2018 - 11:00 GMT

Drake prompted a viral trend with his new song “In My Feelings” – press photo

Drake prompted a viral trend with his new song “In My Feelings” – press photo

CAIRO – 25 July 2018: Several Arab countries banned “In My Feelings” dancing challenge that recently spread across the world through the Internet, because it is risky. Performing the challenge may result in imprisonment and fines.

“In My Feelings” requires the performer to get out of the car and to perform certain moves beside the car while it is moving slowly, and while someone else is filming.

This decision is justified by Arab countries in the framework of preventing the endangerment of the lives of others, preventing the violation of public morals and the violation of traffic laws.

In Egypt, the authorities banned it according to the traffic law as well as several officials inside the Interior Ministry demanded sanctions be imposed on the two artists Dina al-Sherbiny and Yasmeen Raes who post videos on their Facebook page performing the dance beside their cars.

According to an Egyptian traffic police expert, performing “In My Feelings” in Egypt was found illegal in accordance with the traffic law and those who conduct the challenge dance shall be fined LE 100-300.

On July 24, Magdi al-Shahed said, in a phone call with “TEN”, that the Egyptian law prohibits vehicle drivers from not closing their vehicles’ doors while driving on the road, or driving at slower than the specified minimum speed limits. He added that whoever violates the law shall be fined LE 100-300, unless the violation leads to the injury or death of a person or the damage of vehicles, then the civil lawsuit turns into a criminal matter, and the prosecution takes charge of the investigation.

In Kuwait, a member of the Fatwa Committee of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed el-Hegy el-Kordy, announced the prohibition of performing the dance "Kiki".

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti official said that that the decision was issued to prevent "imitating foreigners without need, interest or necessity."

In addition to this, Abu Duabi authorities arrested three famous artists because they posted their videos on social media when they performed that dance.

Jordanian authorities warned people that if any person is caught performing the dance, then they will take the necessary legal procedures.

A few weeks ago, the 31-year-old Canadian rapper, Drake, prompted a viral trend with his new song, “In My Feelings”, when he inspired comedian Lil Shuzi of “The Shiggy Show” to use the song’s lyrics, “Kiki, do you love me?”, and its catchy beat to launch a dancing challenge choreographed to the song.

With the popularity of the video, celebrities and fans have been creating their own versions to the song, posting short clips of themselves performing the trending dance to their social media networks.



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