Holy Quran – Creative Commons via Wikimedia
Holy Quran – Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Reader of al-Fatihah apologizes to Al-Azhar, ready for punishment

Sun, Jul. 22, 2018
CAIRO – 22 July 2018: Sheikh Ali Al-Araby apologized to Al-Azhar during a telephone call to “10 p.m.” program after he sang a verse from Surat al-Fatihah to music in a video that went viral on social media.

“I admit my fault and apologize to Al-Azhar and will not repeat what I did,” Araby said, adding that he was ready for his punishment.

"I read it as spontaneously as many sheikhs over the past 50 years did; I offered my apology to al-Azhar and everyone who felt insulted ... there is no problem in committing a mistake but we must learn from our mistakes," he said.

Sheikh Ali Al-Araby from Gharbia governorate, Egypt, does not belong to Al-Azhar’s institution but wears Al-Azhar’s uniform, causing confusion and frustration among some people, leading them to believe that he belongs to Al-Azhar Foundation.

After the spread of the video, many people on social media expressed their anger, asking Al-Azhar to prevent those who insult Islam and its teachings.

Commenting on the video, Dar el-Iftaa said that reading Quran to musical tones is not acceptable, and added that reading it accompanied with musical instruments is also haram.

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