A woman covers herself from the rain in al-Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz street, Mohandeseen, Giza - EgyptToday A woman covers herself from the rain in al-Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz street, Mohandeseen, Giza - EgyptToday

Very hot weather, sandstorm to hit Egypt this week

Sun, Apr. 29, 2018
CAIRO – 29 April 2018: Ahmed Abdel Aal, head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, said that Egypt is expected to witness a sandstorm by the middle of next week, with chances of rainfall for the eastern parts of the country.

He added that there is no more chance of rain across Cairo and northern parts of the country.

Temperatures are expected to rise Saturday and Sunday, continuing until the end of the week and reaching 36°C in Cairo.

Abdel Aal added that the weather is not stable during the spring season, when weather fluctuations can be rapid and extreme, and that heavy winds and sandstorms will hit the country on Monday and Tuesday.

Temperatures to rise on Saturday in Egypt, Cairo 32°C

CAIRO - 27 April 2018: The Egyptian Meteorological Authority expects temperatures to rise in Egypt on Saturday. Good weather is expected to prevail across the northern coasts of the country, while hot weather is expected over Cairo and Lower Egypt, with a decline in temperatures throughout the night.

Different parts of Cairo saw heavy rains on Tuesday and Wednesday, causing damage and blocking some roads, especially in the New Cairo area.

Some citizens blamed the government for not taking sensible precautionary measures or providing assistance, considering the heavy damage caused by the torrential rain.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi tweeted on Thursday, “I fully understand the state of suffering that hit some Egyptians as a result of the sudden and unusual rainfalls during the last two days; I assure that the state’s authorities will intensify their efforts to prevent the reoccurrence of such incidents.”

Egypt's Administrative Control Authority suspended a number of officials in the New Cairo city council over the crisis in some areas of the city.

The authority said in a statement on Saturday that it implemented President Sisi's directives to investigate the causes of the crisis following the torrential rain that hit several parts of Cairo and Giza, especially since the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has warned of unstable weather.
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