Iveta Šulca - Press photo Iveta Šulca - Press photo

Egyptian-Latvian cooperation in trains industry

Thu, Apr. 20, 2017
CAIRO – 20 April 2017: One of the largest machine-building plants in Latvia, RVR, offers to build joint company in Egypt with investments estimated at U.S. 500 billion, stated the Latvian Ambassador to Egypt, Iveta Šulca, on Thursday.

Šulca added both Egypt and Latvia cooperate in many fields, especially in the field of manufacturing trains and trams.

She further explained that the offer will allow Cairo to be for the first time a main exporter of locally-made trains in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“The transportation sector in Egypt needs to be updated,” said Šulca adding that Latvia has a broad experience in this field and that Latvian factories are ready to share their experience not only in this field but also in fields of advanced information technology.

RVR Company has been working in the field for more than 120 years, and is considered the biggest train manufacturer and supplier for the Soviet Union.

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