Chairman of leading Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Ahram resigns


Thu, 20 Apr 2017 - 08:42 GMT

Former head of Ahram Newspaper Ahmed El-Sayed El-Naggar - (Archive)

Former head of Ahram Newspaper Ahmed El-Sayed El-Naggar - (Archive)

CAIRO – 20 April 2017: Ahmed El-Sayed Al-Naggar, chairman of Egypt’s top-selling state-owned newspaper, Al-Ahram, resigned Wednesday.

Head of the National Press Authority (NPA) Karam Gabr has decided to appoint Hisham Lotfi as acting chairman of Al-Ahram following Naggar’s resignation.

The resignation comes as Naggar objected NPA’s decision to interfere in the running of national press institution.

NPA accepted Naggar’s resignation, according to state television, and appointed Lotfi, chairman of Al-Ahram Advertising Agency, until the authority appoints a new chairman and board of directors.

Adding insult to injury, the majority of Ahram’s board of directors agreed to file reports against Naggar to the Attorney General to investigate “corruption”, according to Ahram’s board member Abdelraouf Khalifa.

Another board member, Mohamed Said, told Khaled Salah, editor-in-chief of the influential daily Youm7, on the daily “Akher al-Nahar” talk show, that lawsuits are for corruption, bad management and harming Ahram’s reputation. He also pointed out that it is not considered a resignation; as Naggar’s time in office actually ended last January 2016.

محمد سعيد محفوظ لـ"خالد صلاح": البلاغات ضد... من طرف youm7



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