Several ports closed due to bad weather in Egypt



Fri, 19 Jan 2018 - 06:08 GMT


Fri, 19 Jan 2018 - 06:08 GMT

Weather in Alexandria – Press photo

Weather in Alexandria – Press photo

CAIRO – 19 January 2018: A wave of bad weather hit Egypt on Thursday night and several ports have been closed across the country due to the dust storms, strong winds and cold.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority expects high winds accompanying sand over the Northern part of the country and the Mediterranean Sea, leading to severe disturbance in maritime navigation.

Alexandria port closed

Alexandria and Dakahlia ports were closed early on Friday morning over inclement weather, which caused high wind speeds and high waves.

General Medhat Attia, director of the Alexandria Port Authority, confirmed the continued loading, unloading, entry and exit of trucks to and from the port on a regular basis despite the closure of the Bogaz.

The decision to close the seaport was taken to ensure the preservation of people, ships, sidewalks and goods, he added.

Alexandria is located on the west end of the Nile River, between the Mediterranean Sea and Marriot Lake. Approximately 60 percent of Egypt’s foreign trade is handled through the port of Alexandria, according to the Alexandria Port Authority.

Dakahlia port is a natural extension of the Alexandria port and offers an easy link to local ways and streets.

Bad weather hits Alexandria

Port Said stopped all fishing over high waves

All fishing activities were suspended in Port Said due to the wave of bad weather, which will last for three days. High wind speeds and rains adding to the high waves forced authorities to take the precaution, in order to protect the lives of fishermen, according to Muhamed el-Sehrawy, head of the fishing syndicate in Port Said.

The fishing industry is considered one of the main pillars of the city's economy. The Port Said fishing port is adjacent to the Suez Canal entrance and is affiliated to the General Authority for Fishing Resources east of Port Said governorate since 1988, according to Maritime Transport Sector (MTS).

Port Said Port

Sharm el-Sheikh Port closed

The Sharm el-Sheikh Port was also closed on Friday due to the bad weather, stated Malak Youssef, spokesman for the Red Sea Ports Authority.

The decision was taken because the wind speed hit 25 knots and the waves were reaching three to four meters high in the area. “It's a precautionary procedure to prevent any ship collisions in the harbor,” Youssef added.

The Sharm el-Sheikh port is 380 kilometers south of Suez governorate, 156 miles from Suez port and 490 kilometers from Cairo. It is located on top of the triangle of the Sinai Peninsula, at the confluent point of the Suez and Aqaba Gulfs in the South Sinai governorate, according to MTS.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Damietta streets full of water

The Damietta governorate also has been hit by heavy rains and storms, which forced the authorities to suspend all fishing activities and stop all ships from passing through Bogaz Ezbet el-Borg, which is a coastal city with a large fishing industry in Damietta.

As the streets in Damietta were covered with water, authorities raised the state of emergency, checking the safety on roads and main squares. Streets were free from pedestrians, and commercial activities stopped.

The bad weather also affected the governorates of Beheira and Kafr el-Sheikh.

Bad weather with heavy rains in Damietta Governorate

Red Sea and Suez ports reopened

The Suez and Zayteyat ports have been reopened, as poor weather started to cease at around midday on Friday, and all maritime activities and navigation commenced again. Ships are passing through the ports safely, according to simultaneous updates from the Egyptian Meteorology Authority and Youssef.



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