Abu-Zeid slams CNN coverage of Arish attack



Mon, 27 Nov 2017 - 08:35 GMT


Mon, 27 Nov 2017 - 08:35 GMT

FILE - Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid

FILE - Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid

CAIRO – 27 November 2017: Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu-Zeid strongly condemned CNN Sunday’s coverage of the recent Al-Arish attack.
“As usual, deplorable CNN coverage of Sinai tragedy today,” Abu Zeid wrote on Twitter.

The British daily newspaper the Guardian published an article on Sunday entitled "The 'iron fist' response to terror attacks in Egypt never works" by assistant editor of the Guardian and foreign affairs columnist Simon Tisdall.

Tisdall commented on Sisi’s statement “We will respond with brute force,” saying that Egyptian leaders before Sisi especially Hosni Mubarak tried to “crush” their opponents but they all failed as will Sisi.

Abu-Zeid criticized the article saying, “We were overwhelmed with feeling of shocking and anger when reading the Guardian’s article on Al-Rawdah Mosque attack.”

He said that, "The article represents a clear violation of the United Nations Resolution 2354, which prohibits the incitement of terrorist acts and repudiating attempts at the justification or glorification of terrorist acts."

Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates Anwar Gargash condemned on Sunday Tisdall’s article describing it as “completely unacceptable”.
In another tweet, Gargash said Tisdall’s article is an example of ‘negative framing’ which is adopted by some Western writers.

The framing theory explains how media could highlight certain events and drive them in a way to encourage or discourage certain interpretations or behavior.

A number of militants stormed Al-Rawdah Mosque in west Arish City in North Sinai during Friday prayers, according to eyewitnesses, and detonated an explosive device.
Egyptian Prosecutor General Nabil Sadeq announced Saturday that the death toll of the Arish attack rose to 305.



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