NCW participates in the inauguration of the craft exhibition and custom products of Fayoum governorate



Sun, 26 Nov 2017 - 08:21 GMT


Sun, 26 Nov 2017 - 08:21 GMT

National Council for Women - NCW Facebook Official Page

National Council for Women - NCW Facebook Official Page

CAIRO - 26 November 2017: The National Council for Women (NCW), headed by Maya Morsi, participated in the inauguration of handicrafts exhibition and tradition products of Fayoum governorate, along with Hisham El Sherif, Minister of Local Development, Gamal Samy, Governor of Fayoum, Mahmoud Ashmawy, Governor of Qalioubia, Kamal El Daly, Governor of Giza, and Essam Al-Badawi Governor of Minya.

The inauguration began by standing a minute of mourning for the martyrs of Al-Arish terrorist incident. Morsi, pointed out during her speech to the importance of cooperation between the NCW and the Ministry of Local Development as there is a full partnership between both entities. “Egypt’s villages have been known now as productive villages, this is an asset for women and gain for the Egyptian family as well,” said Morsi.

Morsi added that the council works with full capacity through its branches all over the country’s governorates at targeting more than 100,000 women, thus targeting 100 thousand Egyptian families to ensure a dignified life through enhancing their products, so as to have the ability to export abroad. Morsi stated, it is essential to exert the utmost effort to work diligently on improving Egypt. “Women have to continue with their effort to accomplish their mission of developing modern Egypt,” she noted.

Morsi pointed to the speech of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, where he stated that we are committed in confronting the treacherous terrorism, stressing that the Egyptian woman is the safety valve of society,

Morsi expressed her happiness with the participation of six villages of Fayoum governorate in the initiative of handicraft and products, pointing out that there is no woman who does not have an ID number in the governorate expressing her pleasure in choosing each village for specific craft and refining it . She cited the experience of Qalyoubia governorate under the leadership of its governor Mahmoud Ashmawy in the silk industry.

NCW head stressed on the importance of hard work. "We are supporting governorates of Port Said, Ismailia, Qena, Damietta and Qalyoubia to improve their productive projects,” she said while praising the great role played Hisham Al-Sharif, Minister of Local Development, in order to accomplish the best results in small projects in a short time.

On his turn, Al-Sharif, said that the goal we are all seeking the best for our country, asserting that Egypt will not achieve this except through production and work via small and medium projects.

In his speech, Gamal Samy, of Fayoum Governor, praised the experience of the village of Tunis of Fayoum governorate. He pointed out that it is a role model for civilizational development and creating job opportunities for young people and individuals in the governorate. He called for developing the idea by knowing the demographic characteristics of each village in cooperation with the NCW.

Samy reviewed what the governorate has done in cooperation with NCW, where a number of ID cards were issued for 5,070 women, in addition to the opening of literacy classes, which reached 62 classes for illiteracy targeting 1,240 women. In the field of entrepreneurship 2,000 women have been trained and they were provided with the necessary funding through the Small Projects Development Authority in cooperation with the NGOs with a total of LE 1.2 million. This is in addition to roofing a group of houses for poor families.

Through the NGOs financial aids were provided for 117 girls to help them with marriage expenses, in addition to the completion of some projects to improve the infrastructure, such as road paving and sanitation, at the cost of LE 22 million for the six villages. Direct loans were provided to citizens to finance small and micro enterprises in cooperation with the Small Enterprise Development Authority at a total sum of LE 58 million, stressing that the next plan in the governorate is to target 12 new villages to eradicate illiteracy in it.

Head of the Small Enterprise Development Authority, Nivine Gamea, stressed that the authority is considered the main core in the production process, stressing that the system provides financial and non-financial services as well as technical support to contribute in the development of infrastructure.

Gamea stressed the authority is responsible for preparing the atmosphere in any village by creating job opportunities and by setting a comprehensive plan for production, whether agricultural production or production in general. “We support micro and medium projects in cooperation with governors through the Minister of Local Development in various fields,” she said.

Whereas Sherif Habib Beni Sweif governor said that the strategy must be one and the presentation of successful models should be demonstrated and marketed, stressing the need to introducing products which meets with the international standards in terms of quality so as to compete with international markets to accomplish reasonable export figures.

Habib praised the role of NCW in training women and creating for them a source of income through small projects in cooperation with civil society and concerned bodies.

Meanwhile, Essam al-Badawi, governor of Minya, praised the initiative and its goals in enrich the society to achieve the maximum percentage of successes. The successes of Minya were shown in industries of clothing, dates, honey, dairy products.

Fayoum Governor honored some distinguished leaders of the governorate, stressing that the aim is to create more human and national cadres.

The Fayoum Governor concluded, the productive families’ initiative was launched in 2017, where a number of projects was implemented for each village. The production should be distinguished by focusing on training and raising skills, empowering rural women, maximizing the role of youth, and work on upgrading the infrastructure.

Exhibition participants were praised for their products.



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