Security forces reveal plans of Wahat militants


Sat, 28 Oct 2017 - 04:05 GMT

One of the terrorist camps in the western Desert - File Photo.

One of the terrorist camps in the western Desert - File Photo.

Cairo – 28 October 2017: Egyptian security forces’ investigations disclosed that police officers found papers on Friday when they raided militant locations in Wahat. The papers revealed jihadists’ plans to recruit more youth to engage in terrorist groups in order to perpetrate violent attacks.

According to the papers, those jihadists wanted to train the newly joined youth in military tactics, sniping and how to manufacture explosive materials.

Investigations said that those militants were ordered to take control over some reclaimed lands in the Western Desert in order to hide from Egyptian security forces. They intended to use the locations as places for training before moving to the crowded areas in governorates and executing their plans.

A battle occurred between Egyptian forces and militants on Friday, October 20, on Giza’s Wahat Road, which killed 17 security personnel. New clashes erupted between the two sides Friday. Thirteen militants were killed during the clashes, which took place along the Wadi Gadid-Wahat Road.

The bodies of the slain militants were transported to Asyut Hospital, security forces told Egypt Today, noting that the clashes broke out 175 kilometers along the road.



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