9 celebrities participated in 1973 Arab-Israel War



Sat, 07 Oct 2017 - 03:43 GMT


Sat, 07 Oct 2017 - 03:43 GMT

Egyptian actor Ahmed Bedair- Egypt Today/Ahmed Hussein

Egyptian actor Ahmed Bedair- Egypt Today/Ahmed Hussein

CAIRO – 7 October 2017: Egypt celebrates the 44th anniversary of the glorious 6th of October victory Friday and the elimination of the Israeli army's invincibility. Every Egyptian house has a veteran of the cleansing of Sinai from the Israeli occupation or the War of Attrition. There are nine heroes of the October 6, 1973 war that are arts and sports celebrities today, such as actor Ahmed Bedair.

"The moment of crossing was the happiest moment in my life and the life of every soldier in the army – when we were able to break into the Bar Lev line in six hours," Bedair said in an interview with Egypt Today.

The 70-year-old actor, who was a foot soldier at the war, added that it was a complete panorama; there were heroisms everywhere – in the front and back. It was fully epic under the slogan of “God is Greatest”

On October 6, 1973, Egyptian forces defeated Israel troops, which six year earlier captured the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The Egyptian army managed to retreat the Israelis few kilometers back in Sinai Peninsula and destroyed a sand wall of Bar Lev line, which had built by Israel along eastern bank of Suez Canal.

“Each one was aware that he was fighting alone and must exert the most effort to achieve this great victory,” continued Bedair, who was born in Qena governorate and started his real career in radio, before moving to work in television.

"Our army is the greatest army on the earth. You have presented a great epic to the whole world; they are still talking about it. I hope that, as we obtained victory in 1973 and during the uprising of June 30, 2013, we achieve further progress for a prosperous future,” added Bedair.

The Egyptian actor stated that there have been attempts in the Egyptian cinema to embody this epic, but not enough. “I call on the state to present a film that embodies all the heroisms. The army can help with weapons and to keep the artistic style embodying the epic of October War, with the participation of Egyptian and international heroes, and then translate it into many languages,” he said.

Egypt also celebrates actor Ahmed Fouad Selim’s contributions. He was born in Sharqeya governorate and he joined the Egyptian army’s Air Defense Forces. He also received a Bachelor of Commerce. He shared great stories of the epic war.

Actor Mahmoud El Gendy is also another war hero from the Beheira governorate. He is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts where he completed a large body of work through art, cinema and television.

Another beloved actor and hero of the war is none other than Lofty Labib. He was born in Beni Suef governorate. He joined the Third Field Army in 1970 after graduating from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts also. His mission was to assemble straggling soldiers. His battalion was one of the first battalions to cross the Suez Canal on October 6, 1973. He wrote a book entitled "Battalion 26", telling about his personal experience during the October War.

Journalist and well known sarcastic writer Jalal Amer, who graduated from the Military College and participated in the October War as an officer. A hero, such as Mahmoud El Gohary, who happens to be prominent sportsmen, participated in the October War and was coach of the Egyptian and Jordanian football teams. El Gohary was an Egyptian army Lieutenant Colonel during the October War. He retired as brigadier general in the Signal Corps after completing his mission in the war.

The late great sports announcer and Olympic star Mahmoud Bakr. He joined the armed forces in 1967 and was captain of the Infantry Reconnaissance. He left the army as a hero, veteran and colonel.

Also Samir Zaher, the former Egyptian Football Federation president and a player in the Egyptian League, was called after the setback in 1967 to fight in the October War victory in the infantry division. Lastly, former Zamalek Hamada Imam player and famous commentator graduated from Military College, served as an Officer in the Armed Forces, and became a retired war colonel from the October 6th war.



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